1/6 Committee targets Trump’s top aide for insurrection

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Top Stories for September 13:

House Select Committee on MAGA insurrection targets Trump’s former chief of staff with records request

It’s no secret who incited the insurrection, and the House Select Committee has already gotten to his right hand man.

Take Action: Demand the Jan 6th select committee subpoena Trump and insurrectionist-supporting Republicans NOW

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Chris Wallace just confronted a top Republican that other vaccines are ALREADY mandated in schools

Fox viewers saw the deadly hypocrisy on full display.

Brian Tyler Cohen presses Georgia’s Republican Lt. Gov. on his OWN state’s voter suppression bill

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Called out point blank.

Gold Star families call Trump “disgusting” for politicizing soldier death
They died for their country, not so some wanna be tyrant could twist their sacrifice into a political pissing contest.

Manchin says he will tank Democrats’ highly popular $3.5 trillion reconciliation deal
Because why support an wildly popular bill that would dramatically improve the lives of most Americans and help save the planet? Give me one good reason.

Take Action: Tell President Biden to tax the wealthy to fund the infrastructure plan!

House Democrats issue threat to social media companies over 1/6 information
Tech giants would rather the public not know about their roles in the insurrection, and Democrats refuse to stand for it.

Biden in California, surveying wildfire damage and campaigning for Newsom

For both the climate crisis and Republicans’ scheme to overturn California’s governor election, the stakes could not be higher.

Take Action: Add your name to OPPOSE Republicans’ scheme to overturn the election of California Governor Gavin Newsom!

Abortion, Donald Trump and COVID-19: Virginia governor’s race emerges as a bellwether
Virginians are less than two months from electing a new governor and shining a light on what Congress may look like next year.

Rudy Giuliani gives rambling speech at a 9/11 dinner, impersonating Queen Elizabeth II
Don’t quit your day job. On second thought, absolutely, quit your day job.

Take Action: Charge Rudy Giuliani for conspiring with Russia to steal the 2020 election for Trump!

Surgeon reminds America that COVID policies as “part of a long tradition” to keep people safe
Vaccine mandates against contagious disease are as old as America itself.

France bans unvaccinated American travelers


Apocalypse roulette…

The sausage being made…


Today’s Action: Save California!

California Governor Gavin Newsom is facing a recall vote TOMORROW — and it has the power to drastically change the trajectory of the country. A recall vote is the only feasible way to flip the blue state red, since all it takes is a majority “yes” vote for the opponent with the most votes to take the office — even if the opponent only gets a sliver of the votes supporting the governor. If it sounds ridiculous, it’s because it is.

Everyone in California must return their ballots voting “NO” on the recall by tomorrow!

If you live in California, make sure to vote “NO” on the recall by TOMORROW! Drop off your ballot in a secure dropbox or mailbox by 8pm tomorrow night. You can track your ballot here. 

Don’t live in California? Reach out to any friends and family to help them make a plan to vote!

This isn’t just a California struggle, this is a national one. California is leading the way in progressive legislation in our country — a Republican Governor would threaten to kill the most crucial player in the Democratic movement.

And consider this. The oldest Democratic senator is California’s Diane Feinstein, who the leading recall candidate has pledged to replace with a Republican if given the opportunity — a move that would make Mitch McConnell Majority Leader at a time when 83-year-old liberal Justice Stephen Breyer is mulling retirement.

This election could remake the Senate and the Supreme Court if turnout is low among Democrats. We need everyone’s help in defeating this Trumpian recall election.

Spread the word for Californians to vote “NO” on the recall by TOMORROW! Drop off your ballot in a secure dropbox or mailbox by 8pm tomorrow night. You can track your ballot here. 

Don’t live in California? Reach out to friends and family to help them make a plan to vote!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to expel Madison Cawthorn from Congress, and be sure to follow OD Action on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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