1/6 panel gets Trump’s actual coup plan from top aide

Remove the right wing judge who deliberately botched Kyle Rittenhouse's trial!


Tornadoes kill dozens in Kentucky and throughout midwest

Top Stories for December 11:

Trump’s chief of staff turns over PowerPoint presentation detailing plans to overturn election results

The damning document was part of a cache of files Mark Meadows turned over to the January 6th committee before he reneged on his cooperation deal.

Take Action: Call for Members of Congress who conspired with MAGA insurrectionists to be indicted and expelled!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Republican fact checked to his face after claiming Listerine could treat COVID

Senator Ron Johnson’s disinformation could get you killed or cause you to fall off your chair laughing.

Major news on the future of Roe

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

SCOTUS rules lawsuits against Texas’ controversial abortion ban can proceed
It’s a small procedural victory in the fight to protect a woman’s right to choose, but conservative justices continue to refuse to lift the ban while lawsuits play out.

Take Action: Demand Congress protect abortion access nationwide!

Biden backs Kellogg’s striking union workers in their desperate fight against the corporate giant
The President’s vocal support is “exactly what we needed at this time,” worker hails.

Take Action: Demand Congress raise the minimum wage NOW!

Six more subpoenas issued by the January 6th committee
The noose continues to tighten around Trump’s insurrection collaborators with this latest list of aides and associates called to face congress.

Sonia Sotomayor unloads on conservative justices in her latest salvo in the battle to save abortion rights

The liberal justice is leaving it all on the field as abortion rights hang by a thread

Meet the four powerhouse rural candidates ready to take the GQP down

No Dem Left Behind: Richard Ojeda introduces No Dem Left Behind’s powerhouse first round of Senate endorsements — each with a plan to connect with rural voters and spotlight their issues in the midterm elections and beyond.

Report: Kanye West’s publicist threatened Georgia election worker at the center of Trump’s “stop the steal” conspiracy
Trevian Kutti traveled to Georgia after the election to confront Ruby Freeman and pressure her into confessing to the voter fraud conspiracy Trump spun around her.

President Biden orders end to federal funding of new fossil fuel projects overseas
Official cables affirm the Biden administration’s commitment to end American financing of “coal and carbon-intensive energy projects overseas.”

Take Action: Demand the EPA limit deadly methane emissions from the oil & gas industry!

Trump launched profane tirade about Netanyahu in interview for congratulating Biden on win
In interview with Israeli journalist, the former president once again proved that Trump loyalty is a one-way street.



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