911 dispatcher called cops on killer cops

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Top Stories for March 30:

911 dispatcher who watched George Floyd arrest called police on police because “something wasn’t right”

Dispatcher Jena Scurry, the first witness called to the stand in the trial of ex-cop Derek Chauvin, testified that the cops pinned Floyd down so long she thought her live video feed had frozen.

Take Action: Tell cities to stop sending cops to deal with mental health issues!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Lindsey Graham can’t answer why Georgians shouldn’t get water on voting lines

When given a chance to defend Georgia’s racist new election laws, Graham could only pivot and dodge, but the entire point of the new legislation is quite clear — it’s a systematic targeting of people of color to prevent them from voting.

Take Action: Tell Congress that we need Medicare for All!

Republicans pull horrific NEW stunt to steal 2022 elections

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: We’ve reached the bottom.

Prosecutors add sex trafficking charges against Ghislaine Maxwell
Federal prosecutors have accused Maxwell of grooming a 14-year-old girl to engage in sexual acts with Jeffrey Epstein, among other crimes.

Take Action: Add your name to demand a wealth tax so the super rich finally pay their fair share!

Lindsey Graham explains why he obviously needs an AR-15
The GOP senator’s reasoning for owning a mass killing weapon made for the battlefield reads like a discarded made-for-TV movie script.

Alleged Capitol rioter called for public lynching of a Black police officer, prosecutors say

A man charged with storming the Capitol and later threatening Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also allegedly posted racist messages online advocating for the public execution of a Black police officer that he believed killed a pro-Trump protester.

Take Action: Add your name to support Rep Courtney’s bill to prevent workplace violence!

Russian operatives hacked top Trump DHS officials, including team charged with detecting and defending against cyber threats
Numerous accounts were compromised in the months-long SolarWinds intrusion, raising serious questions about how the US government can protect individuals, companies, and institutions across the country if it can’t even protect itself.

Florida Republicans also want to ban giving voters water
Florida isn’t just going to sit there and let Georgia out-Florida Florida, by golly.

South Dakota governor bans transgender girls from sports teams by executive order
After failed negotiations between Republican Gov. Kristi Noem and the state’s House lawmakers, the governor issued two executive orders Monday designed to limit participation on women’s and girls’ school sports teams to people assigned female at birth.

Marjorie Taylor Greene rants that President Biden is rolling out the “Mark of the Beast”
The QAnon Congresswoman dug deep into her bag of conspiracy theories to attack the Democratic president.

Mitch McConnell: “I would encourage all Republican men” to get vaccinated
The Republican Senate Leader was forced to make a plea to followers of his own party’s disinformation.



Yes. Seriously.


Today’s Action: Plan an event at your MoC’s office…it’s Congressional recess!

Congress has adjourned for recess and our Members of Congress are at home. And their number one priority should be listening to YOUR demands.

This week, it’s vital we hit up our MoC’s on major issues that need a little more support to cross the finish line. So every day, we’ll be featuring a different way to get your MoC’s attention! Next up…

Plan an event at your MoC’s office!

Maybe you prefer group plans over one-on-one meetings. Perhaps your MoC is someone who needs a bit of drama to change their mind on a sticky issue – or they could be a champion if they had the right kind of positive affirmation. If any of these are true for you, planning an event during recess is a GREAT way to make a big difference.

  • Try to schedule an appointment. Call or email your MoC’s office to see if they have availability (be sure to call the physical office you intend to visit!) But don’t worry if you can’t get an appointment – nothing puts on pressure like an unexpected event.
  • Know your target. If your MoC literally isn’t in office that day, request a conversation with the District or Office Director. Don’t give up until you’ve gotten it!
  • Plan the ask. Decide in advance who’s doing the talking and what the script is. Make sure your rep knows you’re their constituents and they work for you. We suggest focusing on the following topics, select whichever your rep needs the biggest push on:
  • Visual visual visual! Take plenty of videos and photos! Signs and props go a long way to quickly and clearly explaining your ask.
  • Invite the media. Amplify your message by notifying local news channels and papers in advance, and greet them upon arrival – and save their contact info for follow-ups.
  • Share on social media. Upload those videos and a summary of your meeting and asks on social media…be sure to tag your rep!
  • Remember…there’s still a pandemic. Enforce a mask rule, bring hand sanitizer, and maintain social distancing. Consider holding your event outside the offices instead of inside.

Gather your friends, family, and community and plan an event to your MoC’s office this week during Congressional recess! And if this strategy doesn’t make sense for you, we’ll see you tomorrow for your planning your next approach to getting their attention.

Credit where credit is due! Thanks to the good folks of Indivisible for their comprehensive guide to planning office visits.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition telling Senate Democrats to end the filibuster, and be sure to follow OD Action on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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