Lawmakers meet over Trump’s mental fitness

Tell Congress: End Trump's militarization of the police.

Today’s Action: Demand Congress Act on Gun Violence

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Today’s Action: Demand Congress Act on Gun Violence

Before 2018 was a day old, three children under 12 years-old had accidentally shot themselves or a friend with a gun they found at home. Two of them died.

This cannot be excused by “bad guys with guns,” and it is not an anomaly. The daily occurrence of children harming themselves or others with found guns is a deadly byproduct of our neglectful gun culture and a cowardly Republican Congressional majority that would rather bank the NRA’s campaign dollars than save lives.

Not only has this Republican Congress done nothing to prevent loss of life to gun violence, they returned to Washington this week pursuing two bill that would make it worse.

One bill, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, forces states to allow anyone to carry hidden weapons in public. Another legalizes silencers, which would make it easier for killers to maneuver undetected.

Tell them this is unacceptable. Contact your Members of Congress at 202.224.3121 today and let them know we don’t need them to make gun violence worse!

  • Reject Concealed Carry Reciprocity!
  • Reject silencers!
  • Take meaningful action to PREVENT gun deaths.

It took just two days in 2018 for America to surpass the total number of gun deaths that the United Kingdom sees in a year.

It won’t take much for Fox News to start screaming about liberals taking their guns away, but the truth is, there are several, simple common sense things that Congress can do to save lives without seizing a single gun, from universal background checks to safe storage requirements.

All that’s missing is the political will.

Call or email your Members of Congress today and demand they work to save lives — NOT endanger them.