A GOP lawmaker finally calls for Trump impeachment

Demand Congress hold the president accountable: Impeach Donald Trump!


Today’s Action: Flip Texas (no, seriously) and unseat Ted Cruz

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A Texas lawmaker becomes the first Republican to call for Trump’s impeachment
The dam has finally broken as his blistering op-ed sweeps like wildfire through social media.

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Obama’s Ambassador to Russia responds to Trump’s plan to hand him over to Putin
Ambassador McFaul heard about Trump and Putin’s sinister plot and quickly fired back.

Take Action: Sign up for the “Nobody is Above the Law” rapid response network and prepare to protest within hours if Trump interferes with the Russia investigation.

Obama and Solar Energy
People In All 50 States Are Defying Trump’s Efforts To Undo Obama’s Climate Saving Legacy With This Online Service

OD Action Partner: Arcadia Power is offering a way for all Americans to join the green power movement — free. No installation, no contract, $20 off your next electric bill.

Sanders press conference

Sarah Huckabee Sanders stuns a room of reporters with shameless defense of Trump’s Russia remarks
The White House press secretary reached “alternative facts” levels of spin this afternoon in defense of the President’s appalling remarks.

Accused Russian agent Mariia Butina tried to trade sex for influence, say prosecutors
Previously, the FBI had said Butina was trying to establish relationships with a “gun rights organization,” which NBC News has reported is the NRA.… [more]

Take Action: Sign the petition demanding Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), “Putin’s favorite Congressman” who was caught redhanded, resign now!

Immigrant family
Trump has forced over 70 infants to court for deportation proceedings in nine months

The Trump administration has summoned at least 70 infants to immigration court for their own deportation proceedings since Oct. 1… [more]

Take Action: Add you name to tell Trump’s deportation force: Stop tearing families apart!

Government watchdog launches probe into deal with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and Halliburton Chairman
The inspector general’s probe will focus on whether Zinke violated conflict of interest laws, the latest official inquiry of Zinke’s activities in his 16 months helming the department.… [more]

Protest 24/7 with gear from Resistance Merch
People are saying Trump wants apology from progressive merch store

OD Action Partner: Resistance Merch refuses to back down, instead doubles down with new products, discounted prices and free shipping from July 4th to July 19th! Gear up for the resistance today.

Today’s Action: Flip Texas (no, seriously) and unseat Ted Cruz

All eyes are on Texas, where an unprecedented level of Democratic enthusiasm is sweeping the once red state. We’ll start with a little number: 11 Texas state house districts voted blue in the presidential election…and are currently held by Republicans up for re-election this fall.

And follow with a big number: one million Texan Democrats turned out for the 2018 primaries, the highest number at a primary in 16 years.

Then finish with this #BlueWave shocker: Democrats at the state and federal level are running the strongest campaign Texas has seen in 25 years…including Beto O’Rourke, a candidate for Senate who could actually defeat incumbent Republican Ted Cruz, and is currently out-fundraising Cruz by millions of dollars.

Yes, we have a chance to unseat Ted Cruz. And Texas Democrats are asking for your help to build the invigorated volunteer base so that, come November, not a single Democrat stays home from the polls.

Sign up with Flippable’s phonebank to call Texas Democrats, encouraging them to check their voter registration and join the volunteer efforts to flip Texas blue!

And there’s a lot for Democrats across the country to get excited about! Besides saying goodbye to Tea Party Prom Queen Ted Cruz, we could very well see the first-ever Latina to represent Texas in the House in the form of Veronica Escobar.

But after a quarter of a century of GOP dominance, these campaigns need more volunteers to help them cross the finish line in November. Many liberal voters will need (literally) a wake-up call — and that’s where you can help.

Flippable provides the phone numbers and the simple, friendly script for calling with fellow Democrats. You provide the phone, an internet connection, and a few minutes of your time…and then you make history by flipping Texas blue.

Sign up for a Flippable phonebank shift and connect Texas liberals to volunteer opportunities in the upcoming Democratic races. No…SERIOUSLY!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to demand Congress hold the president accountable and impeach Donald Trump, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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