Al Franken makes his decision on resignation

Don't hire racist Megyn Kelly for TODAY Show

Today’s Action: Demand Congress Protect Dreamers

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Al Franken

Senator Al Franken Makes Up His Mind About Resigning Over Harassment Allegations
The Minnesota lawmaker finally came to a decision.

A Viewer Calls A News Anchor A Nigg*r. She Responds Live On-Air, And Goes Viral (WATCH)
She is making national headlines for her epic takedown.

Arcadia Power

People In All 50 States Are Defying Trump’s Efforts To Undo Obama’s Climate Saving Legacy With This Online Service
OD Action Partner: Arcadia Power is offering a way for all Americans to join the green power movement — free. No installation, no contract, $20 off your next electric bill.

LGBTB-less Melania

Melania Trump Gives America’s LGBT Community A Huge Slap In The Face
An unprecedented insult from First Lady.

Take Action: Help fight homophobia in our communities. Read this guide on 10 ways you can support gay rights.

An Expert Gives The Real Reason For Trump’s Slurred Speech Yesterday
The truth is out, and the president won’t be happy.

The #metoo moment

TIME Announces Its “Person of the Year” And Trump Will Be LIVID
The president must be fuming over their much-deserved honor.

Trump’s Ethics Chief Who Quit Demands Kellyanne Conway’s Resignation
Walter Schaub’s ethics crusade against the president’s favorite talking head isn’t ending until justice is served.


Get the Gear That’s Got Trump’s Panties in a Bunch
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Today’s Action: Demand Congress Protect Dreamers

In September, President Trump rescinded the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA), which prevented the deportation of 800,000 young people brought to our country as children.

Trump plans to begin deportations starting in March, unless Congress takes action now by passing the DREAM Act — and this week provides a unique opportunity to make that happen.

With government funding set to expire this Friday, Senate Republicans need Democrats to pass a “Continuing Resolution” (CR) and avoid a government shutdown. That means Democrats have the leverage to demand a clean DREAM Act be included in the bill, and they must use it.

Urge your Members of Congress take the Dreamer Pledge and vote “NO” on any government funding bill that doesn’t include the DREAM Act.

The Dream Act has broad bipartisan public support – even most Trump supporters don’t want to see billions of tax dollars spent deporting innocent, hard-working young people whose only crime is pursuing the American Dream.

Beyond the ethical question, Dreamers will add $281 billion to the economy that would be forfeited if Trump succeeds in his bigoted attempt to evict them from the only country they have ever called home.

Call your Members of Congress at 202.225.3121 and demand they take the Dreamer Pledge: no DREAM Act, no government funding.

Tell them 800,000 young lives are looking to them to make the right choice – and so are you.

PS — Nationwide protests outside Verizon stores tomorrow, Thursday, December 7th!

December 15 is the deadline to get health coverage under the ACA. Sign up today at, and spread the word to ensure you and everyone you know has access to quality affordable care!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition telling NBC not to hire racist Megyn Kelly for the TODAY Show, and join the thousands of Americans calling to charge Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions with perjury and obstruction of justice!