Tell Mitch McConnell: No vote on the Tax Scam until Doug Jones is seated!

Doug Jones’ historic victory in Alabama — the first Democratic Senator in the state in 25 years — is a powerful rebuke of Trump and the Republican Tax Scam, which has the support of fewer than one in three Americans.

With the GOP in full control of the government and fresh out of excuses, their desperation for that elusive legislative win has Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell trying to force through their despicable tax scam before Jones is sworn in, denying the will of the voters and defying America’s democratic process.

Alabama voters rejected the Republican platform when they rejected Moore. The Senate has no business voting on legislation that would profoundly affect every American until democratically elected Doug Jones is sworn in to the seat he won fair and square. This legislation is too far-reaching to be decided by a temporary Senator who was rejected by his own party which was then rejected by the voters.

Add your name to tell Senator Mitch McConnell: no vote on the tax bill until Doug Jones is seated.