After three years of helping hundreds of thousands of people take millions of meaningful actions, the founders of OD Action have launched @advocacy to help influencers use their platforms to do the same.

Like OD Action, @advocacy is guided by our progressive values of compassion and empathy, and we believe the majority of Americans share those values.

But too often, those with large audiences feel they must choose between advocating for meaningful change and making a living. We remove that choice.

@advocacy has cracked the code to empower influencers to thrive by advocating for the change they want to see in the world — not despite doing so.

Influencers with large platforms have tremendous power and potential — for better or for worse; for others and for themselves. At @advocacy, we ensure our partners do good and do well.

Fun fact: ⅔ of Gen Zs say they want to know more about the values of brands and will pay more for products and services with a positive impact on the world.