Trump erupts over Kanye’s bonkers proposal

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Top Stories for November 25:

Kanye West says Trump “really impressed” with white supremacist Nick Fuentes, furious about Ye’s 2024 plans

An antisemite, a megalomaniac, and a serial grifter walk into a room… Wait, who’s who here?

Club Q owner blames right-wing “groomer” rhetoric for Colorado Springs massacre
“It’s different to walk down the street holding my boyfriend’s hand and getting spit at (as opposed to) a politician relating a drag queen to a groomer of their children,” said Nic Grzecka, the co-owner of Club Q. “I would rather be spit on in the street than the hate get as bad as where we are today.”

Take Action: Demand school boards stop banning LGBTQ+ books from libraries!

Top prosecutor issues BRUTAL news for Trump over special counsel

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

Long-time accountant testifies, confirms Trump claimed huge tax losses for at least a decade
The disgraced ex-president reported losses on his tax returns every year for a decade, including nearly $700 million in 2009 and $200 million in 2010, his longtime accountant testified Tuesday, confirming long-held suspicions about the serial con man and very stable genius’ nefarious tax practices.

Take Action: Tell corporations to suspend all their Twitter advertising!

Texas “anti-woke” bank goes bust in 3 months
GloriFi, the Peter Thiel-backed “anti-woke” bank that touted capitalism, family, law enforcement, and the love of God and country (uh, so, like a bank then), burned through $50 million in investment money, laid off most of its staff days before Thanksgiving, and informed workers it was shutting down for good.

Take Action: Don’t let Republicans starve critical investments in children and healthcare!

MSNBC’s Joy Reid accepts Herschel Walker’s challenge to debate

Oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please!

Take Action: Oppose Congressional GOP attacks on LGBTQ+ rights!

Georgia Supreme Court reinstates state’s 6-week abortion ban
The Georgia state Supreme Court on Wednesday temporarily reinstated the state’s six-week abortion ban, which had been struck down by a lower court last week. Another 10.8 million Americans have just had their rights curtailed thanks to “pro-freedom” Republican Gov. Brian Kemp and his “small government” radical cronies.

Let’s make Joe Manchin irrelevant

OD Action Partner: If we can re-elect Sen. Warnock, we can keep Joe Manchin from derailing the President’s ambitious progressive agenda and pass all the legislation we’ve fought so hard for. Will you contribute to United Rural Democrats to get out the vote in Georgia and expand our Senate majority?

Outgoing Arizona GOP governor welcomes Democratic successor as Kari Lake still refuses to concede
Vanquished Republican gubernatorial candidate and practicing conspiracy theorist Kari Lake just can’t seem to accept the fact that Democrat Katie Hobbs will be Arizona’s next governor, a fact made even more abundantly clear after outgoing GOP Gov. Doug Ducey welcomed his successor to the governor’s mansion and pledged an orderly transition.

Kyle Rittenhouse releases “Turkey Shoot” video game that lets players shoot creatures that exhibit “liberal bias”
Wonderful timing, Kyle!

Hundreds of New York women are about to sue alleged rapists (and enablers) under a revolutionary new law
Under the Adult Survivors Act, New Yorkers who were sexually assaulted as adults but who have run out of time to seek accountability in court will have a one-year “lookback window” to sue their abusers, as well as institutions that were negligent in responding to the assault. Winter is coming.

On Black Friday, Amazon workers in 40+ countries strike and protest “despicable” treatment
Thousands of Amazon workers in more than 40 countries are planning to mark Black Friday by walking off the job and protesting the corporate behemoth’s abuse of employees and the climate, as well as its chronic avoidance of taxes while raking in huge profits.

America the beautiful?

What a wonderful world?


Today’s Action: Sign up for Georgia runoff letter writing with the cast of Hamilton!

Usually, the Friday after Thanksgiving is a day for resting — and while we here at OD Action certainly still want you to enjoy your holiday, the Georgia runoff election is just too important to our progressive cause for us to slow down now. While Democrats will in fact retain control of the US Senate, Sen. Raphael Warnock’s runoff contest against the observably awful Herschel Walker on Dec. 6th is absolutely critical.

We must stay engaged and involved and keep Georgia blue. We need as many progressives in office as possible to preserve the rights we’ve been fighting so hard for —  reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ rights, gun-safety initiatives, justice reform, etc. One more seat in the Senate could mean the difference between advancing our progressive agenda or watching Mitch McConnell obstruct and disrupt any further progress over the next two years. You don’t have to be a seasoned professional or a registered voter in Georgia to join this fight, just be ready to channel the late, great John Lewis and stir up some “good trouble.”

Good, old-fashioned letter writing is one effective way you can pitch in from the comfort of your own home. Tonight from 6-7pm EST, Vote Forward is hosting an amazing letter-writing opportunity, where you’ll be able to write alongside others and learn tips to refine your message to voters. On top of having the wisdom of the Vote Forward team on tap, you’ll also get to hear from past and present Hamilton cast members!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to kick Trump off of Twitter again, and be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Elon Musk makes his Trump Twitter decision

Elon Musk makes his Trump Twitter decision

Charge Donald Trump!


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Musk says he will reinstate Trump’s Twitter account after poll gives Trump slight edge

The disgraced former president has used social media to disclose calssified material, assault democracy, spread dangerous lies, incite hate speech and violence, and even attempt to violently overthrow the United States government. What reason could their possibly be for a private company to use its first amendment right not to hand him a megaphone?… [more]

Herschel Walker makes B-Movie monsters look like upstanding citizens

OD Action Partner: Walker’s own stupidity is his silver bullet, but the MAGA-GOP and their corporate donors will back this raving lunatic no matter what. Here’s what it will take to defeat this MAGA monster…

PS — Please consider a small monthly contribution of as little as $5 to help us elect Democrats and fight back against the Trump-Republican agenda. We can’t do it without you. Keep fighting the good fight!

Democrats win Senate!

Democrats win Senate!

Impeach the judge who interfered in the stolen doc probe to help Trump!


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Democrats clinch Senate majority as Catherine Cortez Masto wins re-election in Nevada

With Georgia heading to runoff next month, Democrats have already reclaimed their Senate majority, flipped several state legislatures and governorships, and still have a chance and holding the House. Republicans’ platform of ending democracy, Social Security, and Medicare — coupled with Democrats focus on addressing the problems of struggling Americans — has led to the best midterm by a president’s party in decades… [more]

Herschel Walker is a reckless loose cannon of violence, evil deeds and treacherous lies

No Dem Left Behind: America cannot afford to disgrace it’s Senate with the presence of a soulless sell-out like Herschel Walker

PS — Please consider a small monthly contribution of as little as $5 to help us elect Democrats and fight back against the Trump-Republican agenda. We can’t do it without you. Keep fighting the good fight!

Pelosi attacker is a Trump-loving nudist and antisemitic Q-a-nut

Demand Pfizer kill its plan to price gouge Americans on the Covid vaccine!


Top Stories for October 29:

Paul Pelosi’s attacker ID’d as Trump supporter and QAnon follower

Let’s be really clear. This man is disturbed, and he’s not alone. We know that, you know that, and Republicans know that when they spout their hate, they are putting lives in danger. Their whole MAGA party is culpable in this violence.

Take Action: Kick Marjorie Taylor Greene out of Congress for promoting dangerous white supremacist conspiracies!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham humiliate themselves at Herschel Walker rally

The hypocrisy of the so-called “pro-life” and “family values” party was on full display as the two GOP strawmen shamelessly endorsed a man accused of pressuring two women he impregnated to have abortions and then paying for them – an option he has pledged to deny others.

Take Action: Demand the Senate reject Lindsey Graham’s national abortion ban!

McConnell’s hand-picked Republican is still running elections in one of the largest BLUE cities in the South

OD Action Partner: Louisville, Kentucky, has just one citywide Republican elected official — a handpicked McConnell disciple who oversees — of all things — elections. This year she has a strong challenge from Democrat Tina Ward-Pugh in a race that could be a game changer for voting rights for years to come. Can you chip in to make sure Democrats in Kentucky can exercise their right to vote?

Steven Bannon co-conspirator convicted in border wall fraud scheme
Timothy Shea was found guilty by a federal grand jury of defrauding donors in an online fundraising scheme to raise public funds for Trump’s border wall – the same crime Trump pardoned Bannon for in the final hours of his presidency.

Take Action: Arrest Steve Bannon for threatening Dr. Fauci and his family!

Election deniers win in court as judge green-lights voter intimidation at drop boxes
The ironically named Clean Elections USA group has called on right-wing activists to swarm Arizona ballot drop box locations and “surveil voters” for non-existent voter harvesting. A federal judge ruled that this didn’t constitute a threat to voters – and could proceed.

Take Action: Keep Trump off Facebook!

Publishing world erupts over Amy Coney Barrett’s 7 figure book deal

Hundreds of publishing industry insiders sign letter demanding Penguin Random House rescind Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s $2 million book deal because of her pivotal role overturning Roe v. Wade.

Take Action: Demand Justice Thomas recuse himself from democracy-destroying case!

US colleges fear SCOTUS preparing to end affirmative action in admissions
Longtime affirmative action opponents are challenging race-conscious college admissions practices at the Supreme Court Monday, and academic institutions fear 4-decades of high court precedents protecting them could meet the same fate as Roe.

Democrats now in striking distance of a surprise Senate flip

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Whoa.

Capitol Police officer guilty of obstruction after colluding with 1/6 rioter
Former US Capitol Police officer Michael Riley was found guilty of obstruction for deleting his own messages to an insurrection participant urging them to remove a post they made about entering the Capitol on January 6th.

Truth Social’s mysterious investors finally revealed in SEC filings
A new report confirms that a Trump-loving oil tycoon and former political appointees and staff were among the motley crew of investors that got the former grifter-in-chief’s Twitter wannabe vanity project off the ground.

Trump Homeland Security officials gathered intel on Oregon BLM protesters
Extensive intelligence dossiers were compiled on protestors arrested during the 2020 demonstrations sparked by the death of George Floyd, according to reports that were recently unredacted by the Biden Administration.

Virginia’s GOP governor makes despicable joke about Paul Pelosi attack
Glenn Youngkin told a crowd at a campaign rally that, “…there’s no room for violence anywhere, but we’re going to send [Nancy Pelosi] back to be with him in California.”


America fiddles…

…As the world burns


Today’s Action: Get out the vote for John Fetterman!

John Fetterman is the Democratic candidate for the most flippable US Senate seat in the country and the only Pennsylvanian running for the Pennsylvania race. We need all hands on deck across the country to help secure his victory. Fetterman, the Keystone State’s current lieutenant governor, spent 13 years as the mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania, where he passionately served the people of his community. He has long been a dedicated progressive, even going so far as to officiate one of the first same-sex marriages in Pennsylvania when state laws at the time continued to push antiquated and discriminatory policies.

The margin of error for keeping the Senate in Democratic hands is far too thin for comfort, but we can take action to ensure we keep power and continue advancing our critical progressive agenda. Democrats’ path to keeping Mitch McConnell from another disastrous run as Senate majority leader runs right through Pennsylvania. Phone-banking is one of the most effective ways you can pitch in from afar. You don’t have to be a seasoned professional; just be ready to do good work.

Our Revolution is hosting phone banks for John Fetterman’s race EVERY WEDNESDAY from 6:30-8:30 PM EDT until Election Day. If you can take part in just one session, the voters you reach could help tip the scales and flip  Pennsylvania.

The fight for a truly progressive future does not end with Fetterman. There are committed Democratic candidates all across the country that need your help getting out the vote next month. You can filter through virtual phone- and text-banking events through Mobilize. So many critical issues are on the line this election — reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ rights, gun-safety initiatives, justice reform — everything we’ve fought so hard for! It’s never been more important to get out the vote and work for real change in America. Join the fight and do your part today!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition telling Pfizer not to price gouge on the Covid vaccine, and be sure to follow OD Action on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Trump posts thinly veiled threat on McConnell's life

Stop Republicans’ scheme to ban abortion rights nationwide!


Ian live updates: South Carolina grapples with storm damage as Florida searches for survivors

Top Stories for October 1:

Trump posts that McConnell has “death wish” in racist incitement to violence against the Republican leader and his wife

Less than two years after Trump’s thinly veiled calls for violence against another one-time ally led a mob on a violent crusade to “hang Mike Pence,” the disgraced ex-president is not so subtly inciting his cult against McConnell.

Take Action: Tell Merrick Garland it’s time to indict Donald Trump!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Lindsey Graham accidentally humiliates himself with dumbest comment possible

The South Carolina senator continues to dig the Republican Party into a deeper and deeper hole. You love to see it.

Take Action: Demand the Senate reject Lindsey Graham’s national abortion ban!

Doctors. Teachers. Women. LGBT+ kids. The GOP is waging culture war against all of them, and we can’t let them win

Swing State Victory Project: Republican politicians and their propagandists at FOX are unleashing a tidal wave of cruelty on an unwilling American public, targeting some of the most important members of our society and putting them in very real danger. Will you chip in to help Swing State Victory Project elect Democrats who will put a stop to the madness?

Biden slams “sham” Russian annexation of Ukrainian lands
“The United States is never going to recognize this; and, frankly, the world won’t recognize it either,” the president promised.

Republicans claim that “Deep State” used “weather manipulation technology” to punish DeSantis
Ironically, the real “weather manipulation” is climate change caused by the fossil fuel companies that Republicans fanatically defend.

700,000 borrowers no longer qualify for student loan relief
As the Biden administration fights legal challenges from groups working to keep former students poor, they are working on a solution for all middle- and low-income borrowers.

Government shutdown averted after House, Senate pass funding bill

Just hours before the midnight deadline, 201 self-identified “fiscally responsible Republicans” voted for the US to default on its debt.

Take Action: Tell Congress to pass the No Tax Breaks for Union Busters Act!

Top prosecutor offers bad news for Trump

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Whoa.

Trump to be deposed next month in E. Jean Carroll defamation suit
The disgraced ex-president will have to go under oath about the time he allegedly and almost certainly raped the respected author in the 1990’s.

Federal judge rules against Stacey Abrams group in voting rights lawsuit
Georgia will be allowed to maintain its discriminatory election laws.

Cops weren’t wearing body cams when they shot and killed 15-year-old kidnapping victim
The police are trying to claim that the teenage girl was shooting at them and they fired back — but they conveniently lack the video evidence to back it up.

Take Action: Demand Congress cap the price of insulin!


Only in America

What in the world?


PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to demand Congress close the loophole in the Congressional insider trading ban, and be sure to follow OD Action on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Giuliani grovels to judge after getting hit with contempt

Disbar the 15 state attorneys general who dispute the 2020 election!


Tropical Storm Ian poised to become Category 4 hurricane, heading toward Florida

Top Stories for September 25:

Rudy Giuliani grovels to judge after being ordered to pay third ex-wife $225,000 or face jail time

The once respectable human told the judge, “I do owe her money but I don’t owe her $260,000…. I’m being sued in ten different cases. I’m getting ready for two massive hearings…. I don’t know how to emphasize to you the pressures.”

Take Action: Indict Rudy Giuliani!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Pete Buttigieg brings the house down with epic interview response

In these dangerously divisive times, the transportation secretary continues to believe that people can be brought back to sensible political views, and he’s winning folks over with his approach.

Doctors. Teachers. Women. LGBT+ kids. The GOP is waging culture war against all of them, and we can’t let them win

Swing State Victory Project: Republican politicians and their propagandists at FOX are unleashing a tidal wave of cruelty on an unwilling American public, targeting some of the most important members of our society and putting them in very real danger. Will you chip in to help Swing State Victory Project elect Democrats who will put a stop to the madness?

Mississippi welfare grift scandal grows, engulfing Brett Favre
Even more text messages concerning Brett Favre’s explicit push for state officials to redirect funds from a federal program to help families in need to upgrade Southern Miss sports facilities have come to light. Once again, they do not reflect well on the Hall of Fame quarterback.

Residents of Puerto Rican town in “terrible destruction” in despair over exclusion from Hurricane Fiona aid
20 municipalities where Hurricane Fiona entered and left incalculable devastation were inexplicably excluded from applying for crucial federal assistance based on the major disaster declaration requested by Puerto Rico’s governor and approved by President Biden earlier this week.

Take Action: Tell President Biden to take action to fix Puerto Rico’s power crisis!

Utah youth climate activists hold wake for the Great Salt Lake

Like many other waterways and lakes in the western US, the Great Salt Lake is currently in an unprecedented and dire situation due to the ongoing megadrought. In July, its surface elevation fell below 4,190.2 feet, the record low set in October 2021. Since then, it has dropped over a foot further, creating toxic dust storms that make the air harder to breathe for Salt Lake City’s 1.3 million residents.

Investors flee company hoping to merge with Trump’s Truth Social
Digital World Acquisition Corp. — the special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) that Truth Social needs to go public — revealed in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing that investors have backed out of $139 million in commitments of the $1 billion previously announced by the company. Who could possibly have misgivings about investing huge sums of money with a serial grifter who’s declared bankruptcy half a dozen times?

Take Action: Tell Facebook to crack down on dangerous Republican lies about the IRS!

Ron DeSantis’ migrant stunt BACKFIRES spectacularly

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Not what he expected…

Russians protesting in dozens of cities against Putin’s military draft
Fed-up Russians again protested against President Vladimir Putin’s decision to draft additional 300,000 soldiers to replenish forces for his disastrous invasion of Ukraine — holding scattered demonstrations in dozens of cities across Russia on Saturday despite threats of arrest and a heavy police presence.

QAnon rioter who who chased officer during Trump’s insurrection convicted of seven felonies, faces 50 years in prison
Douglas Jensen, a fervent follower of the conspiracy myth that Trump is locked in secret combat against a cabal of leftist pedophiles and its deep state allies, scaled a wall at the Capitol, watched as fellow mob members broke the Senate wing entrance’s windows and doors, and was among the first 10 people to invade the facility, according to prosecutors.

Georgia voting equipment breach at center of GOP election fraud efforts
The tale of breached voting equipment in one of the country’s most important political battleground states involves a bail bondsman, a prominent attorney tied to Trump’s illegal attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election, and a cast of characters from a rural county that rarely draws notice from outsiders.

Take Action: Demand Georgia corporations STOP backing sponsors of racist voter suppression!

This is America

What in the world?


Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funny

Sunday Funny

Sunday Funny

Sunday Funny

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to disbar the attorneys general who dispute the 2020 election, and be sure to follow OD Action on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Ginni Thomas caught red-handed scheming to steal election

Ginni Thomas caught red-handed scheming to steal election

Demand Ginni Thomas publicly testify before the January 6th committee!


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Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court justice, urged lawmakers to overturn Biden’s win in Wisconsin

The wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas worked behind the scenes to overturn the results of the 2020 election in at least two states, according to the Washington Post, which reported Thursday it had seen emails from Ginni Thomas to Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin… [more]

Republicans fail HORRIBLY while attacking student loan forgiveness

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: OMG.

PS — Please consider a small monthly contribution of as little as $5 to help us elect Democrats and fight back against the Trump-Republican agenda. We can’t do it without you. Keep fighting the good fight!

Watch: Alex Jones busted in humiliating courtroom scene

Hold Alex Jones and other right-wing conspiracists accountable for their lies!


Top Stories for August 4:

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Alex Jones busted in court as his lawyer makes massive mistake

The far-right, rabble-rousing conjurer of conspiratorial bullshit is finally having his day in court, and it is not going well.

Take Action: Tell the Biden admin to open abortion clinics on federal land!

DOJ sues Trump lackey Peter Navarro over unofficial email account
The disgraced ex-president’s former adviser used at least one “non-official” email account — a ProtonMail account — to conduct official government business. Oh, schadenfreude!

Take Action: Tell the Justice Department: Charge Trump for the dozens of crimes he’s committed!

Democrats pull out HUGE 11th hour surprise

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow!

US Rep. Jackie Walorski, 2 staffers killed in head-on crash
Walorski was killed Wednesday in a car crash in her northern Indiana district along with two members of her congressional staff when an oncoming car crossed the center line on a state highway and collided head-on with the SUV the congresswoman was riding in.

China fires missiles into waters off Taiwan in largest ever drills
The exercises, which began a day after Nancy Pelosi’s highly publicized arrival on the self-ruled island, included live-firing in the waters to the north, south, and east of Taiwan, bringing tensions in the area to their highest in a quarter century.

Take Action: Tell President Biden to declare a climate emergency!

Mormon church “help line” helped hide child sex abuse for years

The Associated Press has obtained nearly 12,000 pages of sealed records from a child sex abuse lawsuit against the Mormon church in West Virginia. Families of survivors who filed the lawsuit said they show it’s part of a system that can easily be misused by church leaders to divert abuse accusations away from law enforcement and instead to church attorneys who may bury the problem, leaving victims in harm’s way.

Take Action: Tell Congress to pass the Equal Rights Amendment NOW!

US Senate rebukes Russia, approves Finland and Sweden for membership into NATO
US senators delivered overwhelming bipartisan approval to NATO membership for Finland and Sweden Wednesday, calling expansion of the Western defensive bloc a “slam-dunk” for US national security and a day of reckoning for Russian President Vladimir Putin over his invasion of Ukraine. Only Missouri Republican Josh Hawley was openly willing to do Putin’s bidding by opposing.

Everybody hates Rand Paul, including his colleagues and neighbors

Charles Booker for Senate: It’s time to replace him with someone who can get things done for the American people. Can you chip in to expand our Senate majority and elect Charles Booker?

NFL appeals ruling that Deshaun Watson of Cleveland Browns should be suspended only six games
While an independent arbitrator gave serial sexual predator Deshaun Watson a paltry six-game suspension for sexually harassing and abusing 24 massage therapists, the NFL holds the final say — and they’re bringing down the hammer. The league is appealing for an indefinite suspension, at the minimum of one year.

After disastrous Supreme Court ruling, it’s open season on US gun laws
The Supreme Court ruling expanding gun rights will undoubtedly upend existing firearms restrictions and increase gun deaths across the country as 2nd Amendment zealots wage court battles over everything from bans on AR-15-style guns to age limits.

Kyrsten Sinema is demanding Democrats keep a tax break for the super-wealthy
The glorfied corporate lackey wants Democrats to drop a provision tightening a tax loophole associated with hedge fund managers and private equity executives from President Biden’s signature $740 billion package that just won Sen. Manchin’s approval.

Conservatives are using the courts and the filibuster to block heat protections for farmworkers
True to form, the American right keeps finding inventive ways to plant its proverbial boot on the necks of the ordinary and less fortunate.


The USA, today

The Daily Planet


Today’s Action: Tell the Senate to pass the Inflation Reduction Act!

Senators Joe Manchin and Chuck Schumer sent shockwaves through Washington when they announced their historic climate and social investment deal, dubbed the “Inflation Reduction Act.” It contains the largest climate package in US history, $369 billion, and staves off what would be a disastrous health insurance premium hike by canceling the scheduled expiration of COVID-era ACA subsidies.

Passing this bill and delivering a surprise win for President Biden would be a huge boost for Democrats right before the pivotal midterm elections. But far more importantly, it would be a huge win for the the American people and our planet. But if even one expected YES vote becomes a NO, the bill fails.

That’s why we need to ensure all our senators will support the package during this week’s vote. The IRA is projected to reduce American emissions by 40% — 1 billion tons of carbon — bring in $729 billion in new revenue, reduce the deficit, lower prescription drug prices, and extend Affordable Care Act subsidies through 2024 — all without raising taxes on working Americans.

There is zero reason this bill should not be signed into law as soon as possible. The future of our planet and possibly our democracy could be at stake.

Call (202.224.3121) or email your senators and demand they pass the historic Inflation Reduction Act!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to hold Alex Jones and other right-wing conspiracists accountable for their lies, and be sure to follow OD Action on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

House Democrats pass HISTORIC life-saving bill

Stop Ron DeSantis’ attack on the First Amendment!


Top Stories for July 30:

House passes historic assault weapon ban in razor-thin party line vote

Nearly every Republican voted against the bill which would revive common sense Clinton-era restrictions on weapons of war, a law that we now know with certainty saved lives.

Take Action: Tell Mitch McConnell — you have blood on your hands! Do something about guns NOW!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Top Democrat gives speech of the year over Republican stunt

Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio brutally calls out his GOP colleagues who have allowed their party to be “hijacked” by radical right-wing extremists.

Take Action: Tell Congress to pass the Equal Rights Amendment NOW!

Republicans scheme to gerrymander a Trumper into a liberal minority district

Odessa Kelly: Progressive champion Odessa Kelly has the GOP quaking that they cannot rig the race against her, and it could be the win Democrats need to hold the majority in November. Add your name to support her fight against racist Republican gerrymandering!

Leaked Bank of America memo: “We hope” conditions get worse for workers
An executive at the nation’s second largest bank wrote a formal memo to clients expressing B of A’s desire to see American workers lose leverage in the job market and help employers suppress wages.

Take Action: Tell Biden to take executive action to get dark money out of politics!

More 1/6 text messages between Trump loyalist officials are missing
Text conversations between Secretary Chad Wolf and Acting Deputy Ken Cuccinelli, the top two officials in Trump’s Department of Homeland Security, are missing for a “key period” leading up to January 6th.

Take Action: Demand Congress ban insurrectionist Trump from running for office in 2024!

Death toll continues to rise in catastrophic Kentucky floods

Governor Andy Beshear confirms 6 children among dead as a frenzied search for survivors escalated Friday in some of the poorest communities in America. To make an already difficult situation worse, more rain is on the way.

Take Action: Demand Congress rebuff Trump’s SCOTUS and take climate change action NOW!

Miami considering plan to move unhoused citizens to tent city on remote island
The idea has ignited opposition from community groups and agencies who fear that, in addition to the sheer inhumanity of the scheme, the move could jeopardize federal funding for preferred housing-first initiatives.

Kamala Harris SLAMS Republicans in MUST-SEE takedown

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

Alex Jones declares bankruptcy ahead of defamation trials in two states
The ploy is a “transparent attempt to delay facing the families he has spent years hurting,” according to the lead attorney for Sandy Hook families pursuing defamation charges against Jones.

Democrat who ended senate bid uses leftover money to expose Ron Johnson
Alex Lasry dropped-out of Wisconsin’s senate race, but he announced on Friday that he plans to use $600,000 in previously paid-for airtime to attack the notorious Trump coup conspirator known for attacking science and celebrating the gutting of women’s rights.

Fox News poll shows Fetterman holding double digit lead over Dr. Oz
Conventional wisdom says the president’s party loses seats in the first midterm, but there’s nothing conventional about the repugnant fascists in Trump’s Republican Party or the unique bad asery of John Fetterman.

Clarence Thomas cancels fall class at DC law school after student revolt
Don’t stop now, Clarence! Quitting suits you.


A few bad apples

What in the world?


Today’s Action: Take action to help Kentucky flood victims!

Unprecedented flooding has taken at least 16 lives in Eastern Kentucky since Wednesday night, with the death toll predicted to rise significantly. By the end of this tragedy, hundreds of families will have been displaced and their hometown will never be the same. Governor Beshear indicated that most of the survivors could “lose just about everything.” After 300 rescues, there are still more to be made.

For us here at OD Action, this destruction is personal. Kentucky is our home base, it’s an area that is already disenfranchised, exploited, and without proper support from negligent Republican legislators and corporate predators. Our neighbors are without food, water, and shelter. Many of these people have no idea what their home now looks like. With even more potential climate disasters on the way, the people of Eastern Kentucky need help to bounce back from this horrible tragedy as quickly as possible.

Make a donation to Gov. Beshear’s Team Eastern Kentucky Flood Relief Fund or check out this verified Amazon wish list for flood survivors! You can find even more ways to help here, but however you decide to — it makes all the difference. 

Even just sharing the donation links with your friends and family could make a huge impact.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to tell Mitch McConnell to do something about guns, and be sure to follow OD Action on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

GOP nominee for PA gov busted in campaign cover up

Investigate Ivanka Trump for perjury!


Top Stories for July 19:

Doug Mastriano deletes Facebook videos as he runs for Pennsylvania governor

The GOP whack job is trying to erase the digital evidence of his conspiracy-minded extremism, removing as many as 14 videos featuring him promoting voter fraud conspiracy,

Gov. Greg Abbott did not attend funerals for any of the Uvalde shooting victims
The Texas governor isn’t just terrible at his job, he truly doesn’t care about people — even children murdered on his watch.

Take Action: Demand the Department of Justice investigate Texas Governor Abbott for illegally targeting the parents of trans kids!

Republicans pull HORRIFIC new stunt over abortion rights

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Unbelievable.

GOP planning to flood the Biden administration with investigations should they retake the House
The Republicans are frothing at the bit to open show trials against Hunter Biden and over a range of issues, like the Afghanistan withdrawal, baby formula crisis, the origins of COVID-19, the US border — anything and everything they can to undermine Biden before the 2024 elections.

Take Action: Add your name to urge President Biden to ban off-shore oil dirlling immediately!

Democrats’ financial advantage grows in tightest U.S. Congress races
What was once expected to be a GOP blowout for House control has emerged as a neck-and-neck contest with Democrats in financial control.

New report shows dark-money billionaires have spent $90 million to buy Congress for the GOP
A whopping 86% of the GOP’s billionaire money came from “Wall Street tycoons” who are arguably the biggest beneficiaries of glaring loopholes in the tax code.

Republican Rep. Jody Hice subpoenaed in Georgia Trump election probe

The Congressman tried to toss out the results of a democratic election in his state and a grand jury wants to hear more.

Take Action: Tell Congress to pass the Judicial Ethics and Anti-Corruption Act!

Republicans and their corporate cronies are destroying our future Expanding our House and Senate majorities has never been more important — the entire planet is at stake. Can you chip in to help Team350 elect climate leaders to Congress?

Trigger-happy Denver cops shoot five bystanders while responding to suspect accused of “felony menacing”
Police opened fire into a crowd after someone allegedly pointed a gun at them, causing a slew of injuries that thankfully everyone is expected to survive.

Take Action: Tell Big Tech companies to keep abortion data away from the cops!

Soaring executive pay shows its CEOs, not workers, responsible for inflation
The AFL-CIO’s latest report debunks the narrative pushed by oligarch mouthpieces blaming workers for inflation. “CEO pay rose 18.2%, faster than the U.S. inflation rate of 7.1%,” the analysis finds. “In contrast, U.S. workers’ wages fell behind inflation, with worker wages rising only 4.7% in 2021. The average S&P 500 companies’ CEO-to-worker pay ratio was 324-to-1.”

Take Action: Demand Republicans stop sabotaging President Biden’s work to combat inflation!

Students in a Dallas school district must wear clear backpacks after Uvalde shooting
The lack of any action from the state’s Republican overlords have left administrators with performative but functionally meaningless “safety precautions” that accomplish nothing but further strip dignity away from our schoolchildren.

Former Southwest flight attendant handed millions in settlement money after being fired for harassing her union leader
Charlene Carter harassed her union leader until she got fired. Now she’s playing the victim, saying she was fired for her anti-abortion views, and won millions. Only in America.


A song of fire, hold the ice…

Game of thrones…


Today’s Action: Tell transportation Secretary Pete Buttigeg to put the airlines in their place!

Anyone who’s been to an airport recently knows what an absolute mess American air transportation is these days. Thanks to a shortage of pilots, air traffic control issues, and general staffing issues post-COVID, airlines are scrambling to staff flights, leading to tens of thousands of cancellations.

This isn’t a surprise to the airlines. Flights are scheduled months in advance, meaning that these airlines knew they didn’t have the people to staff them, but they accepted people’s money anyway and then left them out in the cold when the time came for them to travel. To make matters worse, in 2021 they refused to refund a staggering $10 billion dollars to American travelers who had their flights canceled.

Secretary Pete Buttigeg announced the conclusion of investigations into a few unnamed airlines who canceled flights and failed to give refunds to passengers, but there is still no information on whether or not passengers will receive their refunds at all. 

Email the Department of Transportation and demand Secretary Pete Buttigeg fight to get airline passengers their refunds!

Enough is enough. During the pandemic, the airline companies got a $54 billion bailout from the US taxpayer, and they proceeded to lay off 56,000 people anyway. Those people never got replaced, and now the US traveler who paid for the airline bailouts is getting ripped off and abused by these monopolistic behemoths. 

Despite knowing that their teams are not performing at pre-pandemic level and that they are lacking in staff, airlines continue to knowingly oversell their capacity at the expense of American families. Secretary Buttigeg promises that enforcement action will come in the following weeks, but we need to know that full refunds for slighted passengers will be included in that action — and that these exploitative, greedy business practices will come to an immediate end.

Email the Department of Transportation and call for a speedy resolution!

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