Fire Mitch McConnell and demand the next senate guarantee universal healthcare!

Senate Republicans could have delivered real solutions for families struggling to receive care during this unprecedented economic and health crisis. But they’ve failed to meet the moment — and when it comes to Medicare for All, Mitch McConnell has made it clear: It will not go anywhere in the Senate as long as Republicans control the chamber. 

This disconnect from the reality on the ground is why more people than ever before are expressing support for universal health care. As Ady said in his testimony during a historic House hearing on Medicare for All last year, our time on this earth is the most precious resource we have.

A Medicare for All system will save all of us tremendous time. For doctors and nurses and providers, it will mean more time giving high-quality care. And for patients and our families, it will mean less time dealing with a broken health care system and more time doing the things we love, together.

Americans can’t afford another four years of political games over their health care. Add your name to commit to the fight for Medicare for All — and sending Senate Republicans who stand in the way packing.


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