Barr intervenes to protect Trump in rape case

Demand Congress investigate credible allegations of rape against Donald Trump!


Top Stories for September 9:

Bill Barr intervenes, DOJ takes over Trump’s defense in defamation lawsuit at taxpayers’ expense

The DOJ is attempting to designate the United States, rather than Trump, as the defendant in E. Jean Carroll’s suit, moving the case to federal court where federal officials are generally immune from charges of defamation. Such a move would effectively bring Carroll’s case — stemming from accusations that Trump raped her in the 1990s — to an end.

Take Action: Impeach Attorney General William Barr!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Biden humiliates Trump with response to claim that Biden has “lost a step”

The president’s attempts to paint Biden as physically or mentally unfit for office continue to backfire in remarkable fashion.

Take Action: Make sure your voter registration is accurate and that you have all information you need to vote in the coming election.

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen″>
He finally went a step too far.

9 drugmakers sign safety pledge in rush to develop vaccine
The extraordinary joint statement was issued following Trump’s repeated efforts to advance a vaccine before November’s election, fueling concerns over safety and efficacy.

Take Action: Tell White House medical experts to stop excusing Trump’s dangerous “advice.” He’s getting away with murder!

Trump desperately fires back after report shows his campaign wasted $800 million
The president wasted a staggering amount of cash on things like Super Bowl ads, and now he’s desperately trying to pretend everything is fine.

Vaccine trial paused after unexplained illness in volunteer
Drug giant AstraZeneca paused global trials of its vaccine because of an unexplained illness in one of the volunteers, a measure the company described as a “standard precaution.”

Rochester police chief, entire command staff step down following death of Daniel Prude
Rochester has been engulfed with upheaval since the release of police videos last week showing cops pin a naked, handcuffed 41-year-old Prude to the winter ground with a spit hood over his head for several minutes before he became unresponsive.

Take Action: Help fight hate in your own community. Read the SPLC’s guide to the ten ways you can make difference!

Election year is here!

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Facebook engineer resigns, says company on “wrong side of history” as internal dissent grows
His detailed resignation letter accuses the company of “profiting off hate.”

White House grounds, Rose Garden undergoing extensive repairs following Trump’s GOP convention
The White House South Lawn and its iconic Rose Garden are undergoing extensive re-sodding and other work after last month’s Republican National Convention turned them into a muddy mess.

A mom called 911 to help her 13-year-old with autism. Utah police shot him
Golda Barton called police because her child, who was unarmed, was having a mental health episode. The shooting left Cameron with injuries to his shoulder, both ankles, intestines and bladder.

Trump laughably claims to be greatest environmental president since Teddy Roosevelt
After an appalling three and a half years, Trump bragged that his motivation was self-serving.


Of course…


Today’s Action: 54 days left – it’s time to phonebank

This action goes out to the shy folks, the introverts, and the people who aren’t comfortable talking about politics. The overwhelmed, the over-scheduled, and anyone who struggles with motivation. The extroverts, the news junkies, the hungry-to-help. To anyone who hates what Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and their crew of GOP goons have done to this country and wants to see them OUT this November….

It’s time to phonebank.

Personal, one-on-one connection with voters is the single best route to winning an election, and we simply don’t have time to waste sitting around and hoping the polls are correct this time.

Phonebank with the good folks of Indivisible or search for a local virtual event, and usher in sweeping change this November – shifts happening every day!

You may recall this depressing statistic: despite losing the popular vote, Trump won in 2016 thanks to 80,000 voters in three states. It is vital that we reach the key voters who will hand us a Democratic victory for 2020. Phonebanking is targeted to those precise voters, and every call you make brings us one vote closer to ousting the bigoted, corporate-loving, murderous autocrat-wannabe in the White House.

We get it – phonebanking can feel intimidating when you’re starting out. But visualize the truly terrifying realities people in your community are facing right now in Trump’s America: Black activists looking at lines of police in riot gear, immigrants pleading with ICE and CBP agents to keep their children in border internment camps, essential health care workers heading to work every day to assist patients with a deadly infectious virus. Maybe we’re describing you! It takes incredible bravery to stare status-quo oppression in the face and refuse to accept it as normal.

Visualize another four years of Trump, knowing the thing that could have stopped him was more Democrats making phone calls. It’s time to be brave. It’s time to phonebank.

Phonebank shifts are happening every day. Sign up with the good folks of Indivisible or search for a local virtual event. 54 days left until it will be too late to make a difference.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition calling on Congress to investigate credible allegations of rape against Donald Trump, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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