Demand Senators vote against Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation after she refused to support a peaceful transition of power

It seems like a basic request, to ask a judge to say she thinks any American citizen should obey the law. But during her Senate Judiciary Committee hearings, Judge Amy Coney Barrett wouldn’t comment on whether President Trump should commit to a peaceful transition if he loses the election.

Trump, who has been spreading stories of voter fraud without evidence, encouraging white supremacist groups to “stand by,” and refusing to say he’ll leave the White House willingly, is building momentum for not just a contested election, but a potentially violent national landscape in the weeks following November 3. 

…no comment, Judge?

Add your name to demand Senators vote down Judge Amy Coney Barrett after she refused to support a peaceful election transition.

Trump has a perfect pawn in Barrett: the extreme right-wing judge who wants to get confirmed as soon as possible to secure her spot on a 6-3 conservative majority. Barrett has an anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ, anti-healthcare, and anti-voter-rights agenda to execute and she needs Trump’s approval to do it.

But even with all of that? Supporting a peaceful transition should be a bare minimum requirement for Supreme Court confirmation.

Sign here to tell Senators to vote NO on Amy Coney Barrett. We need judges who are against fascist dictatorships.


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