The first step to stopping Moscow Mitch McConnell

Kentuckians will soon head to the polls to elect their governor, and Democrat Andy Beshear has a real shot at beating one of the most conservative, detested governors in America: Matt Bevin.

Bevin has spent his time in office insulting teachers, taking healthcare away from his most vulnerable constituents, and advocating for “prayer patrols” to fight gun violence.

Despite Kentucky’s reputation as a deep red state, polls show Bevin locked in a tight race with the popular Democratic Attorney General Beshear, and the Washington Post ranks it the most likely governor’s seat to flip to Democrats this year.

Getting Andy elected means we have a real chance to move Kentucky forward with expanded Medicaid, fully funded public schools, and good-paying jobs. It also means sending Mitch a message that Democrats can win statewide in Kentucky.

Add your name to send a clear message to Mitch McConnell and Kentucky Republicans that we’re fighting back together, and even Kentucky isn’t safe from the coming blue wave!

And that simple fact has Mitch McConnell running scared. Because McConnell knows that if Andy wins this November, his chances at getting re-elected to the Senate just got that much smaller. Not to mention the fact that Donald Trump won’t exactly be thrilled to see such a historically red state flip over to the Democrats.

So please take a second to send a message to McConnell and Bevin: sign our petition to tell them that we’re not ceding ground anywhere, and we’re putting up a real fight for progress in Kentucky.

Let’s make history.


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