Biden ends harmful Trump policy

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House plans to pass infrastructure bill and Build Back Better on Tuesday

Top Stories for October 31:

Biden reaches deal to end Trump’s steel tariffs

Republicans complain about inflation as Democrats undo the GOP actions that caused it.

In “chilling” decision, University of Florida professors have been barred from testifying against Florida
Legal scholars and free speech advocactes are outraged by the state school’s censorship, seemingly at the direction of Ron DeSantis.

Take Action: Demand Congress pass the Equality Act to protect LGBTQ Americans from descrimination!

Adam Schiff on Trump finally testifying for Jan. 6 Committee

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: About time.

Biden among world leaders endorsing global corporate minimum tax at G-20
In America, Republicans are still trying to let their billionaire backers cheat the system, but Democrats and world leaders have other plans.

Take Action: Demand Congress invest in green jobs and REAL climate action in the Build Back Better Act!

Trump’s $300 million SPAC deal hay have skirted securities laws
Why should secrities laws be any different than all the others broken by the disgraced ex-president?

Passengers gasp as Southwest Airlines pilot insults President Biden on flight PA system
The right-wing’s latest euphemism condemning the president rang unwanted in the passenger’s ears as the pilot pushed his own political agenda.

Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio cost Arizona taxpayers $100 million
The cost of lawsuits and settlements from the Trump ally’s brutality just surpassed nine digits.

Steve Bannon defied subpoena and almost every Republican in Congress is defending him

United Rural Democrats: The House voted to hold the Trump crony in criminal contempt for DEFYING a subpoena for the deadly MAGA insurrection at the Capitol, and nearly every House Republican in the House is defending Bannon’s lawlessness. Check out URD’s ingenious plan to make sure they pay a price and how you can help before the critical deadline.

The conservative effort to take over school boards reaches fever pitch in one Colorado district
Republicans have turned their attention to lying to kids.

COP26: “Moment of truth” as world meets for climate summit
Literally everything depends on finally getting this right.

A post-Trump test for Democrats looms in Virginia election
Republicans in the purple state are threatening a new wave of voter suppression and Trumpian oppression as voters head to the polls Tuesday.

Take Action: Phone bank for Terry McAuliffe!

Trump wants call logs, aide’s notes hidden from January 6 panel
Maybe he’s trying to cover up his innocence?


Yes. Seriously.


Today’s Action: Phone bank to keep Virginia blue!

Today is Halloween, and you know what’s scary? The possibility of another state being controlled by the GOP.

Democrats across the country must unite in the election of Terry McAuliffe, as well as keeping every other position up for re-election blue. Phone banking this weekend could mean the difference between a red or blue Virginia.

Phone banking sessions are one of our single greatest assets in keeping seats blue. It’s easy, and the only criteria to participate is caring about keeping Democrats in office and fighting back against a GOP that still obeys Donald Trump’s every whim. Every single call you make brings us one step closer to a progressive vision of the future.

Organizations like Westside Dem HQ  and Grassroots Democrats HQ have virtual phone banking shifts all weekend until November 2 so that we all can help defend Democrats’ tenuous hold on statewide office in Virginia.

No matter your schedule limitations, there is a phone banking option for you. Sign up to make phone calls — even for an hour — in the next few days. Do your part to fight the GOP’s draconian agenda! 

Phone banking is easy: you’ll be connected to fellow Democrats who have already expressed interest in the campaign you’re calling on behalf of. Your phone calls serve as simple encouragement for voters to mark their calendars and their preferred Democratic candidates.

Thank you for the work you’ve put in so far. You’ve protested, you’ve called Congress, and you may have texted/phonebanked in the past. Now is the time to lean in like never before.

Sign up for a phone banking shift between this weekend and make phone calls for one of the most consequential elections in the country!

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