Biden roasts Trump for disgusting attack on doctors


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Top Stories for October 31:

Biden blasts Trump for saying doctors are using the pandemic to boost payments

The head of the American Medical Association also denounced the president’s baseless attacks on the motivations of health care workers.

Take Action: Tell White House medical experts to stop excusing Trump’s dangerous “advice.” He’s getting away with murder!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Rudy Giuliani just lost it on a Fox News host for calling out his shady behavior, then abruptly ended his interview

Trump’s disgraced personal attorney pitched an apoplectic fit when Fox wouldn’t go along with his half-baked Hunter Biden smear.

Take Action: Tell the media not to repeat Trump’s Russia-backed lies about Hunter Biden!

The two reasons Democrats feel GREAT about 2021 right now (not polling)

New from Democratica: The writing is on the wall for Republicans, and it’s even worse than they feared.

Trump openly muses about stealing the election in tweet attacking vote-counting
The president is making his plan to stay in power terrifyingly clear.

Take Action: Demand all government officials commit to preventing a Trump coup after he refused to commit to a peaceful transition!

US border agents expelling unaccompanied children from other countries to Mexico
US border agents have expelled more than 200 non-Mexican unaccompanied children to Mexico, a move Border Patrol Assistant Chief Eduardo Sánchez warned was a violation US policy that could endanger the Trump administration’s entire quick deportation strategy.

Kentucky State Police training materials quote Hitler, advocate perpetual “ruthless” violence
High school journalists from Louisville uncovered sickening training materials used for years by the Kentucky State Police — the second largest police force in the state — which urged cadets to adopt “warrior” mentalities and be “ruthless killer[s]” in the field. The training materials also repeatedly quoted Adolf Hitler in an abhorrent, almost reverent manner.

Black mother say police endangered child, used him as propaganda
A national union claimed the “child was lost during the violent riots” and shared pictures of a cop carrying the child to safety, but attorneys representing the mother say that police actually took the boy from the back seat of an SUV after destroying the windows, as well as arresting and injuring his mother, who was later released without charges.

Election year is here!

OD Action Partner: Say goodbye to Trump forever with gear that tells him how you really feel.

Stephen Miller warns Trump will crack down on immigration even more if he wins 2nd term
Trump’s xenophobic immigration adviser previewed a second-term agenda, which would include curtailing asylum, outlawing “sanctuary cities,” bolstering the administration’s travel ban, and implementing more restrictions on work visas.

Pence absent from pandemic task force planning calls for more than a month
As new virus cases continue to explode, the vice president’s task force has become even less active than before at handling the health crisis it was originally created to combat.

Many counties that hosted Trump rallies had a significant increase in pandemic cases
A CNN investigation of 17 Trump campaign rallies finds that 14 of the host counties — 82% of them — had an increased rate of new pandemic cases one month after the rally.

Feds go after protesters with rarely used civil disorder law enacted in 1960s
The statute has been used in at least two dozen cases across the country. But legal experts worry it can be “a dangerous road to go down.”



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