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House votes to refer Trump aides Scavino, Navarro to DOJ for criminal contempt

Top Stories for April 7:

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Rep. Raskin humiliates Marjorie Taylor Greene for trying to heckle him

The QAnon Congresswoman tried to interrupt him but found herself completely outmatched.

Take Action: Demand Marjorie Taylor Greene be expelled from Congress for speaking at a neo-Nazi political conference!

6 GOP House members opposed a bill meant to document and preserve evidence of war crimes during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
The most devout Trumpers in Congress are pulling out all the stops to protect Putin and cover his murderous tracks.

Take Action: Ban insurrectionists from running for public office, including Trump!

Rep. Raskin on whether Ginni Thomas will be called to testify

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow…

Biden administration imposes new sanctions on Putin’s daughters and Russian banks
The new sanctions target Russia’s largest financial institutions and a number of individuals tied to the Kremlin in response to the atrocities uncovered at Bucha.

Take Action: Sign the pledge to stand with Ukraine and boycott Russia!

DNC Chairman slams Tom Cotton as “maggot-infested” for his shameful attacks on Ketanji Brown Jackson
Jamie Harrison vented his frustration and disgust in a vehement response to right-wing extremist Tom Cotton’s outrageous smears against a highly qualified Black woman.

Biden boldly throws his lot in with Amazon unionization efforts
It’s time the Democratic Party reminded the country that we are the pro-labor party, and the president is leading that charge.

SCOTUS rules against Clean Water act without explanation

At a certain point we’re going to have accept that we must expand the court to save this country from right-wing overreach.

Take Action: Demand Congress impeach Clarence Thomas!

Watch Retired Army Major EMBARRASS Republican Stupidity in This Blistering Roast!

OD Action partner: The Republican party is cornering the market on STUPID! These deranged fools aren’t qualified to lick envelopes, let alone run the government!

Man who lived in daughter’s Sarah Lawrence College dorm room convicted of sex trafficking, forced labor and other federal crimes

The notorious pervert who terrorized, extorted, and abused a group of college students is finally facing the music.

Paul Gosar promoted appearing at a white nationalist social gathering on Hitler’s birthday, but his campaign says he isn’t
At this point he’s not just flirting with white nationalism, he’s bear hugging it.

Police won’t be charged in death of Amir Locke, Black man shot during no-knock warrant
This is not justice.

Big Tech lobbyists launch $9 million campaign to stop antitrust laws to protect small businesses
Their campaign is claiming that these new laws would “kill” Amazon Prime’s fast delivery system — but their real intention is keeping any and all competition smothered.


On the home front

It’s a wide, weird world


Today’s Action: It’s time to ban all fracking!

President Biden is undoing much of Trump’s anti-science climate policies, including reinstating Obama-era regulations on emissions and introducing a new fuel economy requirement for auto manufacturers, creating a civilian climate corps that focuses on conservation, and halting new oil and gas drilling on federal lands and in federal waters. And thank goodness, because we’re running out of time.

But there’s a big move Biden has thus far shied away from, which former presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders — and even now Vice President Harris — support: a unilateral ban on fracking. Now that UK officials are reconsidering the effects of fracking, the position of the US is absolutely critical to securing an environmentally sound future for all.

Call or email your members of Congress and demand they introduce and pass legislation banning fracking on ALL US lands — public AND private!

Fracking is a type of drilling that involves splitting rock deep underground by blasting it with high-pressure, chemically laced liquid and sand. It contaminates community drinking water, drains natural water resources to the point of wilted landscapes and frequent forest fires, increases the occurrence of earthquakes, and elevates methane emissions…

…and methane in our atmosphere traps heat at 84 times the rate of CO2. The spike in US fracking in recent years is having a devastating, negative effect on the planet. Banning fracking is an absolutely essential step in overcoming our rapid slip into point-of-no-return climate-change damage.

There’s a LOT of big money keeping fracking in place, particularly in certain states. But we’ve overcome these obstacles before and must do it now. Our planet literally is depending on it.

Email or call (202.224.3121) your members of Congress and tell them a blanket ban on fracking is essential to curbing catastrophic climate change. Demand they introduce and pass legislation without delay!


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