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Top Stories for April 27:

US Marine Trevor Reed released from Russia in prisoner swap

Trevor Reed, a former Marine who had been detained in Russia since 2019 and sentenced to nine years in prison, has been released in a prisoner swap.

Take Action: Call upon Biden to secure the release of Brittney Griner and other political prisoners in Russia!

Rand Paul just issued a dangerous claim about Russia at a Senate hearing

Secretary of State Antony Blinken could hardly believe his ears.

Take Action: Investigate Rand Paul for insider trading!

Marjorie Taylor Greene SINKS herself in court

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Whoa.

Biden tells Congressional Hispanic Caucus he’s looking at forgiving some federal student loan debt
It appears the president is finally making good on one of his major campaign promises — and just in time for the elections!

Take Action: Tell President Biden to expand worker power!

Florida man asks schools to ban Bible following the state’s efforts to remove books
In a beautiful troll of bigoted Florida Republicans, Chaz Stevens questioned whether the Bible is age-appropriate, pointing to its “casual” references to murder, adultery, sexual immorality, and fornication.

Take Action: Demand the Department of Justice fight to overturn Florida’s bigoted “Don’t Say Gay” law

Madison Cawthorn implicated in potential insider trading scheme
Not only was Cawthorn arrested for having a loaded firearm in an airport — for the second time in less than a year — the insurrectionist was busted in a crypto pump-and-dump scheme.

LA county sheriff launches investigation into reporter who exposed police brutality cover-up

In a brazen and outrageous attack on the free press, Sheriff Villanueva publicly targeted a reporter who exposed how his office had covered up an incident in which a deputy kneeled on a handcuffed inmate’s neck for more than three minutes.

Tim Ryan flips the script in worker-focused bid for Ohio’s red Senate seat

OD Action partner: The trail blazing Democrat has a real shot at flipping Ohio’s open Senate seat and keeping the Democrats in the majority! United Rural Democrats makes it easier for candidates like Tim to share this workers-first message in rural America. For Democrats to win, we must compete and win in hard areas.

Tesla shares sink, wipe out over $125 billion in value, as Musk scores Twitter deal
Musk leveraged those shares to buy Twitter, so if this sink continues, the apartheid emerald mine scion could be looking at a VERY expensive disaster.

FDA to halt McKinsey contracts amid federal probes into opioid work
The deeply evil price-fixing, layoff-recommending and opioid-pushing “consultancy” company is under heavy scrutiny for their role in exacerbating the opioid crisis that has killed nearly three-quarters of a million Americans.

Harvard commits $100 million to redress ties to slavery
Harvard University faculty, staff and leaders enslaved more than 70 individuals during the 17th and 18th centuries, according to a long-awaited report out Tuesday that details the university’s ties to slavery.

North Charleston (S.C.) police investigating 58-shot gun battle that sent little leaguers scrambling
A full blown gun battle erupted next to a children’s Little League baseball game, sending terrified children diving for cover. Thankfully, nobody was hurt.


For the union makes us strong!



Today’s Action: Pass the Equality Act and deliver real LGBTQ+ federal protections!

An incessant wave of transphobic and homophobic legislation has advanced through GOP-controlled state legislatures throughout the country in recent years. Conservatives emboldened by Donald Trump’s normalization of brazen discrimination are waging relentless war on LGBTQ+ communities, attempting to undo decades of hard-fought progress.

Anti-LGBTQ+ bills ramrodded through state legislatures go against best practices defined by leading medical professionals and wage war on already marginalized, vulnerable youth. At least 238 bigoted bills have made the rounds in state legislatures this year alone. In Idaho, lawmakers even threatened to jail librarians who “let” minors check out “harmful” materials (the only content mentioned was LGBTQ+, of course.)

This draconian legislation is not just simply designed to deny basic protections to LGBTQ+ people, it is openly encouraging power-hungry GOP ringleaders to wage war on their very existence. Enough is enough.

Call (202.224.3121) or email your senators and tell them to join 72% of Americans in supporting H.R. 5, the Equality Act! If they’ve already co-sponsored the bill, thank them — and urge them to stop at nothing to pass it!

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey recently signed into law what advocates at the Human Rights Campaign are calling “the most anti-transgender legislative package ever passed.” That’s right, in the year 2022, Alabama became the first state to criminally penalize medical professionals for providing life-saving, gender-affirming care. We cannot allow our elected officials to normalize and legalize oppression and hate.

Every day that we delay, our LGBTQ+ communities will continue to face hostile living and work environments without proper legal recourse. Conservatives have been scapegoating and persecuting the oppressed for centuries under the guise of religious freedom. The ability to persecute others is not something that makes America “free.” What is important is the ability for all, regardless of identity, to live an equitable life. We clearly have a long way to go to fulfill that promise.

Email or call (202.224.3121) your senators and demand they pass the Equality Act!


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