Biden visits protesters as Trump hides in bunker


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Tell the White House to stop contradicting medical experts to defend Trump's reckless behavior!


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Biden visits with protesters while Trump endorses violent pushback

The difference between the two presidential candidates played out in stark contrast on Sunday.

Take Action: Demand Trump take responsibility for his hateful rhetoric and stop inciting violent attacks!

Trump took shelter in White House bunker as protests raged

As protesters gathered outside the White House, the president holed up in a bunker

Take Action: Use Vote Forward to write letters to Democratic voters in key swing states to help Get Out The Vote this November.

Check out this week’s episode: Exclusive audio: Inside a Minneapolis jail, police target people of color

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Trump threatens to designate antifa — which isn’t an official group — as terrorist organization
Desperate to blame the left for everything, Trump targets an idea with adherents who have been responsible for exactly zero deaths.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: The Lincoln Project drops another devastating ad on Trump

The latest ad from the anti-Trump GOP group eviscerates the president for embracing hate and racial divisiveness.

Trump takes credit for space launch that got its start more than a decade ago
NASA’s partnership initiatives with commercial spacecraft date back two administrations, but facts didn’t get in the way of Trump’s obnoxious grandstanding.

Truck driver arrested after attempting to drive through protesters on Minneapolis interstate
The driver illegally entered the area and barreled toward protesters at a high speed before being surrounded and slowed to a stop by the crowd.

Election year is here!

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Man fires arrows from hunting bow at crowd, screaming “All lives matter!” before being overwhelmed and disarmed by protesters
The assailant, who has a history of spreading racist garbage online, has yet to be arrested for his actions.

Black protester shot to death outside Omaha bar by white owner
The assailant, a former Trump campaign volunteer with a history of incendiary behavior, is reportedly in custody.

Take Action: Help fight hate in your own community. Read the SPLC’s guide to the ten ways you can make difference!

Twitter users clap back at Ivanka Trump after her attempt to distract from her father’s divisiveness
The first daughter tried to use a Bible verse to dispense advice during these turbulent times, but it boomeranged right back at her.

Bad cop…

Good cop…


Today’s Action: Take action to support Black Lives

Today’s action goes out to our White and non-Black POC readers. To our Black community, stay safe and stay strong.

The murder of George Floyd, a Black man, by four white police officers in Minneapolis has launched historic protests nationwide against pervasive police brutality toward Black Americans. And our local, state, and federal government has responded with more violence, entrapment curfews, and setting the National Guard on crowds demanding justice.

The time for silence is long gone. And speaking up without TAKING ACTION is also no longer “enough.”

Ways to support the Black Lives Matter movement, the ongoing protests, and fight police brutality against Black communities:

  1. DONATE to cover bail bonds for arrested protesters. Now that many cities have imposed last-minute curfews (Los Angeles gave protesters less than 45 minutes to receive curfew information and get home, and Chicago issued a curfew while downtown public transportation was shut down), the arrests will escalate further.
  2. CALL Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman at 612-348-5550, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison at 651-296-3353 and Gov. Walz at 651-201-3400 and demand that all four cops present for George Floyd’s death are charged with murder. Tell them nothing less than full accountability, police reform, and justice is acceptable.
  3. PROTEST police brutality and lend your voice as an ally. Every city has different organizers, but start by following your city’s Black Lives Matter chapter on Twitter and setting notifications for their tweets. Remember to take your temperature before leaving the house, wear a mask, use hand sanitizer, and social distance when possible, to stop the spread of the virus. Follow curfew rules and review your legal rights as a protestor.
  4. DEMAND your city mayor divert funding from the police force to invest in resources for Black communities. Black neighborhoods are over-enforced and over-surveilled at the expense of many city programs that could actually provide benefit.
  5. EDUCATE yourself on being an ally. White folks, read Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility (even if, and especially if, you think you don’t need to). Read the article 75 Things White People Can Do For Racial Justice, and share with White friends who “feel helpless” or “don’t know how to help.” (Article is addressed to White people, but includes many useful actions for non-Black POC to take in allyship to Black people). Watch Tamika Mallory’s speech to challenge your own or others’ tone-policing of Black protests. And read through this short thread on how to be an ally without centering yourself during these protests and beyond.

Black Lives Matter. If you believe it, prove it by taking action.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition calling on the White House to stop contradicting medical experts to defend Trump’s reckless behavior, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


Required Reading for the Resistance. Actions that make a difference.