Biden sidelines ‘erratic’ Trump with unprecedented move

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Top Stories for February 6:

Biden calls Trump “unfit,” cuts off intelligence briefings due to his “erratic behavior”

The move marks the first time an ex-president has been denied the briefings, which are generally provided as a courtesy and for occasions where an ex-president might be called upon for advice.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Republican senator chides GOP for trying to punish him over breaking with Trump

Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse ridiculed the MAGA movement, whose support he has enjoyed in the past, declaring that politics is more than “the weird worship of one dude.”

Bombshell news on QAnon lawmaker leads to calls for expulsion

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: This just got serious.

Fox Business suddenly cancels “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” its highest-rated show
Dobbs, who spent months amplifying and promoting bogus election fraud conspiracies on air, was named as a defendant alongside Fox in a staggering $2.7 billion lawsuit filed by election technology company Smartmatic.

Trump funneled millions from donors into private business, including after election loss
The ex-president’s reelection campaign moved roughly $2.8 million from donors into the Trump Organisation over his term, including at least $81,000 since the 2020 election, based on campaign finance reports submitted to the Federal Election Commission.

Take Action: Demand an investigation into market manipulation by hedgefunds!

GOP Sen. Josh Hawley has voted against every Biden cabinet nominee thus far

Hawley, one of the most prominent members of the ‘sedition caucus,’ is clearly laying the groundwork for a cynical, MAGA-inspired run for the presidency in 2024.

Trump sought a stake in Parler before he would join — while he was president
Parler reportedly offered the disgraced ex-president 40% of the company if he posted exclusively to the platform, but the deal was never finalized.

Take Action: Demand Facebook ban Trump permanently!

Lawyers blast Trump’s First Amendment defense as “legally frivolous”
More than 140 constitutional lawyers and scholars spanning the political spectrum said that the First Amendment claims made by the ex-president’s lawyers are “legally frivolous” and do “not prevent the Senate” from convicting him during his impeachment trial.

Take Action: Tell the Senate to convict Trump and bar him from holding office again!

GOP Reps. Gohmert, Clyde fined $5,000 each for bypassing House metal detectors
In their defense, following simple rules is really hard.

Video shows Trump ally Roger Stone flanked by extremist Oath Keepers, whose members attacked the Capitol later that day
The disgraced Trump lackey admitted he was under security protection provided by the far-right militia group, but claimed he had no advance knowledge of the deadly riot at the Capitol.

Prosecutors push to reinstate third-degree murder charges against ex-cops in George Floyd case
Derek Chauvin is currently accused of second-degree unintentional murder and second-degree manslaughter, while the three other defendants face aiding and abetting charges related to Chauvin’s actions.



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