Call on the Tennessee legislature to vote down the bill to legalize child marriage!


Top Stories for April 6:

Matt Gaetz has embarrassing clash with Defense Secretary over “wokeism” in the military

“Oh no, no, I’m embarrassed by your leadership, I am not embarrassed for my country,” retorted Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin after Gaetz had the nerve to question his patriotism.

Take Action: Investigate Matt Gaetz for sex trafficking and statutory rape!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Tennessee Republicans just advanced the most disgusting bill imaginable

While conducting a nationwide smear campaign against LGBTQ Americans for “grooming” young folks, Tennessee Republicans want to make it legal to literally marry children.

Rep. Raskin on whether Ginni Thomas will be called to testify

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow…

Ted Cruz sparks backlash after blaming Biden for Ukraine war as evidence for horrific Russian atrocities is unearthed
Cruz claimed that the waiving of sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline was somehow responsible for the invasion of Ukraine in a revolting display of revisionist history.

Take Action: Demand the Senate censure Ted Cruz for his appalling bigotry in Judge Jackson’s confirmation hearing!

President Biden extends student loan moratorium until August
It’s been two years. Why not just pause payments…permanently?

Take Action: Tell President Biden to cancel student debt!

Gov. DeSantis’ faith advisor fired from his church after “sexual sin” emerges

You will not be surprised to learn that the sin involves a young girl.

Take Action: Demand the Department of Justice fight to overturn Florida’s bigoted “Don’t Say Gay” law

Oklahoma passes near-total abortion ban
The tide of Republo-Christian fascism is rapidly sweeping through the legislatures of red states.

Texas Democrat takes a courageous stand against factory farm cruelty

OD Action partner: Rep. Veronica Escobar’s new bill will finally put an end to some of the most horrific “business practices” in animal agriculture.

Ivanka Trump testifies to 1/6 House committee
The disgraced ex-president’s favorite child spent eight hours being questioned. While the investigators wouldn’t comment on her responses, they deemed her voluntary appearance to be of “significant value.”

Double helicopter crash at Fort Stewart was “not an accident”
The army’s Criminal Investigation Division is probing the incident that led to the death of medevac pilot Capt. James Bellew. He is suspected of deliberately crashing his Black Hawk chopper into another.

63 Republicans vote against resolution expressing support for NATO
As the trickle of horror stories from Ukraine becomes an avalanche of atrocity, a significant segment of the GOP caucus publicly sided with Russia.

Illinois police officer resigns after his white supremacist social media posts are discovered
Antifa researchers uncovered some horrendously anti-Semitic posts by Springfield police veteran Aaron Paul Nichols.


It’s a rich man’s world and we’re just being crushed by it

Having a normal one


Today’s Action: End — really end — US support for the war on Yemen

The United Nations just negotiated a two-month ceasefire in Yemen, hopefully paving a way for a permanent end to the tragic civil war that began in 2014 when Iranian-aligned Houthi rebels took over the capital city of Sanaa. Since 2015, Saudi Arabia — enabled by its allies, including the United States — has launched wave after wave of devastating airstrikes on expanded Houthi strongholds in Yemen, indiscriminately killing civilians under the guise of restoring Yemen’s rightful government to power. UN officials estimate more than 230,000 Yemenis have died through direct warfare, starvation, and destruction of medical resources thus far, and another 13 million face starvation if the horrific conflict continues. So when President Biden announced he was halting US support for Saudi offensive military action in Yemen, we felt hopeful — ending US contribution to one of the greatest humanitarian crises of our generation has long been an OD Action goal.

However, Biden’s announcement was quickly followed by a qualification that he will continue providing defensive support to the Saudis — which, according to the Pentagon, is much of what we already contribute (intelligence sharing, for example). This is compounded by the fact that Saudi Arabia ludicrously designates air strikes on Yemen as “defensive.” Since Biden’s promise, the conflict in Yemen has only intensified.

So how much can actually change? Everything, if we have anything to say about it.

Call (202.224.3121) or email your members of Congress and demand their support for Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Ro Khanna’s War Powers Resolution to end ALL US assistance for the Yemen War, including intelligence sharing, logistical help, training, providing spare parts transfers for warplanes, bomb targeting, weapons sales, and support for the naval blockade.

This time last year, this same War Powers Resolution had partial bipartisan support, passing both the House and the Republican-led Senate. Trump vetoed it and thousands more Yemenis died.

We can’t assume full Democratic support in Congress now, given that some have broken ranks in the past to continue the bloodshed. And it was President Obama who initiated our involvement in the Yemen War in the first place.

We will absolutely have to turn up the heat on Democrats and Republicans alike to end our support for this appalling humanitarian crisis that has killed so many with the help of our tax dollars.

Email or call (202.224.3121) your members of Congress and demand they support and pass the War Powers Resolution to end ALL US involvement in the Yemen War — no “defensive” strings attached.


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