Bipartisan committee destroys the biggest lie in Trump’s tax scam

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Today’s Action: Stop The Latest Sneak Attack on the ACA

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A Congressional Committee On Taxation Demolishes Trump’s Tax “Reform” Lies In New Report

Putting the lie to Republican claims that their tax reform would provide an on-going middle-class tax cut, a new report by a non-partisan Congressional committee shows that while there would be a very small decrease in the first years for some, by 2027 anyone making under $75,000 a year will see a tax increase of… [more]

Today’s Action: Stop The Latest Sneak Attack on the ACA

Last week, we learned that the House’s version of the Trump Tax Scam is so fiscally irresponsible that the Senate would not be able to pass it without Democratic vote.

But on Tuesday, Senate Republicans announced their plan to make it even worse.

While still raising taxes on 20 million middle-class families like the Republican House bill, the Senate slid in a provision to sabotage Obamacare by removing the Affordable Care Act (ACA)’s individual mandate.

The result? A double assault on working-and-middle-class families, who will face both a rise in health insurance premiums and a tax hike — not to mention increased cost of higher education and homeownership.

We cannot allow this poison pill to American families to become law. Demand your Members of Congress oppose any bill that guts Obamacare by repealing the individual mandate.

If Republicans succeed in this sneak attack, an estimated 13 million Americans will opt out of coverage, driving up the costs for everyone — both through raised premiums and increased costs of the uninsured.

In case you were under the illusion that there was anything responsible about today’s fiscal conservatism, this bill exposes Republican economics for what it is: reckless and destructive.

Call your Members of Congress at 202.224.3121 and demand they do everything in their power to keep an individual mandate repeal out of the Trump Tax Scam.

Save the ACA. Stop. This. Scam.

December 15 is the deadline to get health coverage under the ACA. Sign up today at and spread the word to ensure you and everyone you know has access to quality affordable care!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition preventing Trump from sabotaging Affordable Care Act open enrollment, and add your name to the Americans demanding answers on the Trump Tower-Russia meeting and telling Congress to make Jared Kushner testify publicly!