Tell judges to throw out Trump and Republicans’ schemes to suppress the vote

The GOP has thrown everything at the wall to suppress the blue vote, from debasing mail-in voting without evidence of fraud, installing fake ballot boxes or limiting them to one-per-county, to installing armies of poll watchers, and shortening the deadline for mailed ballots getting counted.

And this list doesn’t include the onslaught they’ll pull after November 3, as the record number of absentee ballots are counted. Based on previous years – “losing” the ballots of entire zip codes or counties, rejecting ballots for inconsequential reasons – we know we’re facing even more this year.

Add your name to demand state and federal judges overturn all GOP voter suppression tactics during the November election.

The level to which Republicans block Black people, the elderly, the disabled, and students from their right to vote is criminal – or rather, it should be. 

We need judges to step up, acknowledge, and protect the millions of voices the GOP has already or has plans to suppress in the coming weeks. They only win by cheating…so it’s time the cheaters stopped prospering.

Sign here to tell state and federal judges to stand up for VOTERS during this election – not oppressive GOP interests.


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