Bolton went around Trump to release Ukraine aid, then quit

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Today’s Top Stories:

John Bolton circumvented Trump’s chief of staff to release Ukraine aid before he quit

The former National Security Advisor reportedly defied Mick Mulvaney and told the State Department to release the funding just days before his resignation.

Take Action: Tell Congress to pass the No President is Above the Law Act to hold Trump accountable for his crimes!

Schiff rejects GOP calls for Hunter Biden to testify, says impeachment inquiry won’t probe ‘sham’ claims
As Republicans try to turn impeachment hearings into circus of distractions, the House Intel Chair is putting his foot down.

Take Action: Tell Congress to protect the whistleblower and hold Trump accountable for threatening his safety!

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Trump posts book reviews on Twitter and the public responds with hilarious derision
A roundup of the president’s morning tweets demonstrates his increasing desperation to counter the Democrats’ impeachment steamroller.

Cindy McCain says John McCain “would be disgusted” by today’s Republican Party
The widow of the late GOP Senator did not mince words about the sorry state of her husband’s former colleagues.

Take Action: Demand the resignation of the Trump aide who ordered McCain’s name be covered during ceremony!

Trump call for investigations of Pelosi, Schiff, Biden, and the whistleblower as his impeachment panic rises
During the president’s pathetic pity party, he tweets a list of his Democratic demons to target with retaliatory probes.

Trump called Gordon Sondland a ‘great American.’ Now he says ‘I hardly know the gentleman.’
The president’s lies are getting even easier to disprove.

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Steve Bannon Says Trump Team Saw Roger Stone as “Access Point” to Assange
The Trump campaign apparently thought it was colluding with WikiLeaks.

ICE may circumvent California’s ban on private immigrant detention centers
Trump’s regime is breaking the law to continue its inhumane for-profit treatment of immigrants.

Senators ask how many ISIS prisoners have escaped since Trump cleared way for Turkish military action
“Many are hard-core terrorists, with the kinds of expertise,” including bomb-making, “that had made ISIS such a threat to the U.S. and our allies.”

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