Demand advertisers boycott news outlets that promote birther conspiracies against Kamala Harris

As soon as Joe Biden announced Black and South Asian heritage Sen. Kamala Harris as his VP, the racists emerged from their executive offices to launch the attacks. 

Taking a cue from themselves (Trump was a leading voice claiming President Obama was born in Kenya), the Trump campaign immediately released a birther conspiracy theory against Harris, questioning whether she has the legal right to run for Vice President. (She definitely does.) And right-wing news pundits began to claim Harris isn’t actually Black. (She definitely is.)

Advertisers are paying money to spread these lies across in major news outlets.

Add your name to tell major advertisers to boycott any news outlet that promotes unfounded birther conspiracies and racist conversation against Kamala Harris.

We’ve been through this before – the fear-mongering surrounding any BIPOC’s rise to a position of power, activating the most bigoted GOP voters. These tactics are dangerous, questioning the right and legitimacy of all people of color to proudly own their American citizenship.

Major corporations must know that their target audiences do not condone this, and do not want to see their brands associated with such poison.

Sign here to tell major companies to pull advertising from news outlets that participate in birther conspiracies and slanderous racist theories against Kamala Harris.


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