Breaking: New right-wing voting restrictions in Georgia

Breaking News: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that state Senate Republicans are pushing a new bill that would cut Election Day voting hours ONLY in the City of Atlanta, while keeping them the same everyplace else. This bill would seriously undermine Democratic campaigns and give Republicans a new advantage in statewide races.

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We have a major problem on our hands in Georgia.

Georgia Democrats have already flipped THREE previously-Republican legislative seats from red to blue in special elections in the past year – victories that broke the GOP supermajority in the state Senate and gave Democrats everywhere a huge shot of momentum.

Now Republican legislators have a plan to reverse those Democratic gains, by blocking access to the polls.
A new Republican-backed bill in the Georgia Senate would close polling places one hour earlier on Election Day, giving voters one less hour to beat the rush-hour traffic and get to their voting booths.

Restricting voting at all is bad enough, but it gets worse: The bill reduces the voting hours ONLY in Atlanta – one of the largest majority-African American cities in the country and a Democratic stronghold – and it keeps the hours exactly the same as they were everyplace else.

This bill is aimed directly at suppressing Democrats and voters of color in key swing seats and giving Republicans another advantage statewide. We need to speak out NOW, before this goes any further.

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2018 could be the year that Georgia joins the ranks of America’s closest battleground states.

Its population is changing. Its voters are absolutely disgusted with the lies, corruption, and incompetence of Trump and his enablers in the legislature. Republicans know this, and they’re doing everything they can think of to keep those voices from being heard.

Don’t let Republican legislators rig our voting laws to keep themselves in power. Denounce this latest scheme in Georgia, before it’s too late.


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