BREAKING: PA Court rejects GOP gerrymandering

Reject Republican gerrymandering and draw FAIR district lines!

Today’s Action: Share the truth about the Trump shutdown

Breaking News:

Republican gerrymandering

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court makes a game-changing decision about Republican gerrymanding
In a huge win for American democracy and for Democratic Party prospects in 2018, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled that the state’s Congressional map violates the state’s constitution due to the outrageous gerrymandering that the Republican-controlled legislature has imposed and ordered… [more]

Today’s Action: Share the truth about the Trump shutdown

Democrats demands were simple. They are the same things they’ve been asking for since the Fall when Trump abruptly ended the Deferred Act on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Republicans let funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) lapse.

Protect America’s 800,000 Dreamers brought to this country as children; provide basic healthcare for nine million children.

These are not just Democrats’ priorities. They are the priorities of more than two in three Americans, and both Trump and Congressional Republicans say they are for them too.

And yet, rather than hold votes on these bipartisan issues, Republicans shut down the government.

Today’s action is simply to spread the honest truth. (Facebook, Twitter, shareable link)

This is the first government shutdown under a one-party government EVER. Republicans could have held and could still hold a vote at any point on the things they say they want and get every Congressional Democrat on board. But they refuse.

The reason? Republicans would rather play blame games and try to paint Democrats into a non-existent corner.

So determined are Republicans to create a crisis to blame on Democrats, they are actively trying to make the shutdown more painful.

While Democrats introduced a bill to forgo pay for Members of Congress during a shutdown, Republicans insisted they be paid in full. Even worse, Democrats have pushed a bill to pay military service members during the shutdown, but Republicans killed that too.

Enough! Democrats continue to negotiate in good faith to reopen the government and fulfill bipartisan American values. Republicans have none but the most loathsome, self-serving reason to maintain this shutdown.

Spread the word and make sure people know the truth (Facebook, Twitter, link). Maybe if Republicans see they can’t score any political points, they will exercise their power to end their insidious game and the Trump shutdown will be a thing of the past.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition stopping Trump from ending vital coal mine rules that protect the environment and miners, and join the Americans demanding Republicans reopen the government NOW!