Demand Trump commit to accept the results of the 2020 Presidential Election!

Trump is building a steady smear campaign against mail-in voting in order to contest the election results this November. After admitting Republicans would lose every election if our country used universal absentee voting (because it’s harder for the GOP to systemically suppress disadvantaged groups), the pandemic has forced the issue due to safety concerns.

Faced with the possibility of record high mail-in ballots, Trump refused to commit in a recent interview to handing over the presidency if he loses the election.

Add your name to demand Trump accepts the outcome of the Presidential election this November if he loses.

This is a straight-up dictator move – and his rabid base, which has approved every law-breaking move he’s made over the past four years, will support him. Trump is an incredibly dangerous man who has absolutely no one’s interests in mind except his own, and his narcissistic ego can’t handle the idea of losing.

This isn’t just another rambling soundbite from Trump’s speeches. He is preparing Republicans for a coup. This is a serious breakdown of our democratic system (which already has a LOT of room for improvement) and one we need to prepare for now.

Sign here to demand Trump concedes the election this November if he loses the electoral college.


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