Tell Justin Amash not to be a spoiler in November’s election!

In 2000, Ralph Nader ran for president as the Green Party nominee. He won 1.63% of the Florida vote, votes which would have tipped toward Democrat Al Gore. George W. Bush “won” Florida by a mere .05%…the infamous 537 votes that brought us the Iraq War, the deadly non-response to Katrina, the great recession, and so many other atrocities. No Nader campaign? No President Bush.

Ex-Republican Congressman Justin Amash (MI-I), the only non-Democrat to vote for Trump’s impeachment in the House, now wants to run for president as a Libertarian. In other words, giving never-Trump Republicans a conservative option to oppose Trump without voting for Joe Biden.

Add your name to tell Justin Amash NOT to run for president. Any anti-Trump third-party candidate running against Joe Biden could split the vote and hand Trump the re-election.

In 2016, Jill Stein’s Green Party run courted voters from Hillary Clinton’s Democratic campaign, while Gary Johnson’s Libertarian stance split voters equally between Republicans and Democrats.

If Clinton had received all of Stein’s votes and half of Johnson’s votes in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Florida, Clinton would have won the electoral college…and we would have had a very different past three years.

Justin Amash is anti-Trump. Sign here to tell him supporting Joe Biden is our best chance in bringing down Trump – NOT running third-party.


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