End the anti-gay pledges that Trump’s evangelical allies are forcing on hospital staff

Christians preach that we should love our neighbors as our selves. For Trump’s allies in the Christian right however, there’s always a catch.

In the case of the Samaritan’s Purse field hospital, setup by radical right wing preacher Franklin Graham, the catch is unsurprisingly about homosexuality. The Central Park field hospital is ostensibly set up to care for the sick and save lives, but there’s a bigoted agenda that comes into play first.

All staff must sign a vow that they oppose same-sex marriage.

That we are all entitled to our own beliefs in America, regardless of how vile, is beyond dispute. But the idea that medical care and service should be exploited to further a bigoted agenda is an utter disgrace.

Our nation and planet are in the midst of a once in a century pandemic crisis, and playing politics or pursuing non-lifesaving agendas only make things worse. Graham and his organization need to drop this ludicrous requirement at once and join the rest of the medical community in working to save lives — no strings attached.

Add your name to demand Samaritan’s Purse drop their requirement that hospital staff sign a pledge opposing gay marriage immediately!


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