Tell Trump: Stop blaming Obama and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your inept outbreak response!

The thing about Donald Trump is that if you’re looking to see what he’s guilty of, just listen to what he accuses others of, because his entire presidency is predicated on projection. Never has that been clearer than in his handling of this pandemic.

Because we now know that Trump was warned at least ten times about the oncoming pandemic even as he downplayed it and dismantled our response capabilities.

Instead of owning up or just trying to do better, Trump has:

  • Declared that President Obama left him a broken testing system… for a virus that didn’t exist until three years after he left office,
  • Accused hospital workers of stealing the supplies he failed to provide
  • Railed against China for deceiving him, even though in January he thanked China for “working very hard to contain the Coronavirus… and [for their] transparency, and
  • Blamed the World Health Organization (WHO) for not informing America of what it knew about the pandemic even though he had 17 representatives working on the virus at WHO, and he has even cut the funding they need to combat the pandemic in order to save face.

We’ve fallen a long way from “the buck stops here.” And it has real consequences. Every day that the president casts blame instead of doing his job — getting states, hospitals, and medical professionals the support they need — more Americans will die.

Refuse to stand for it! Add your name to demand Trump stop blaming others and take responsibility for America’s response to the outbreak! It will save lives.


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