Tell the press to call out Trump and his cronies on their deadly lies about the pandemic

Economist Larry Kudlow is either the world’s worst economist or a fantastic liar. Given that he’s the Director of Trump’s National Economic Council, we’re gonna call a cronie when we see a cronie.

Kudlow has consistently gaslighted the American people on the severity and longevity of this pandemic, as recently as June 12 saying “there is no emergency”…when over 113,000 Americans had already died. 

Sign here to tell the media to directly label these misleading statements by Trump and his team for what they are: overt lies.

Kudlow pretended that the pandemic sweeping across the country was contained when it WASN’T. And now, when called out, Kudlow says he resents the “nitpicking” of his errors. But this isn’t nitpicking – it’s holding Trump’s team accountable for the life and death situation they helped cause.

We need more media pushback. Because the reality is, millions of MAGA hat-wearers are listening to these lies and continuing to believe there is no emergency, no need to wear masks, no reason to pass more funding to fight the spread of the virus.

Add your name to demand the media call out lies by Trump and his cronies on the spot – don’t let them control the narrative as thousands of Americans die!


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