Tell Congress to condemn and STOP Trump’s cowardly attacks on peaceful protestors!

President Trump wanted a photo-op holding a Bible in front of a church, and he had police tear-gas the peaceful protesters gathered in his way, and shoot at them with rubber bullets to make it happen.

And as the furious Bishop who oversees the church (and received no warning of the visit) bitterly noted, “He did not pray.”

Tear gas is a chemical weapon banned in warfare. The First Amendment protects the right to peacefully assemble. But our president violently attacked his own citizens partaking in their First Amendment rights…and Congress needs to speak out.

Sign here to tell Congress to strongly condemn Trump’s violent actions against peaceful protesters, outside St. John’s Church in D.C.

So far, most Republicans (like Mitch McConnell) have refused to betray their great dictator by speaking out against his brutality…for a vanity photoshoot to appeal to his base. And that is nothing short of an absolute disgrace.

Every member of Congress needs to find their moral backbone in the face of these incredible protests and protect the First Amendment right to gather.

Add your name to tell Congress to speak out against Trump’s use of tear gas on peaceful protesters for a photo-op.


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