Tell Congress to reject Trump’s awful defense of the Confederacy and rename bases named for Confederate generals!

As the protests against police brutality toward Black people have continued across the nation, communities in the South have also risen up against public symbols glorifying the Confederacy. 

The Confederacy, its army, its leaders, and its flag represent the fight to protect and continue the chattel slavery of millions of Africans and African-Americans. And, it’s a repulsive thing to glorify in statues, monuments…and our military bases.

The military recently signaled its willingness to re-christen the ten bases named after Confederate leaders…and Trump, predictably, has vowed to keep those names in place.

Add your name to tell Congress to pass bills — with a veto-proof majority —rejecting Trump defense of the Confederacy and renaming them!

Trump is pandering to the grossest part of his base by defending our history of slavery, damage still present in the drastic racial inequalities in economic, social, and political status. 

It is vitally important that we KNOW our past, but knowing does not equal CELEBRATING. Symbols of the Confederacy have no place in a morally-just society. We’re still working on achieving that goal, and renaming these bases is one small step of thousands to achieving it.

Sign here to tell Congress to rename bases that celebrate the Confederacy, and reject Trump’s disgusting defense of the confederacy!


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