Tell Governors to listen to health experts on when to re-open states — NOT TRUMP!

One second, Trump’s declaring total (and unconstitutional) control over states. Next moment, he concedes and produces vague and inconsistent guidelines for state governors to follow, which aggressively focus on re-opening business. Quick turn, and he’s inciting his followers on Twitter to defy stay-at-home orders and gather in public, maskless, to protest against Democratic governors.

Trump’s utter inconsistency proves he cannot be considered an authority on coronavirus.

Add your name to tell state governors to follow advice from health experts ONLY – NOT Trump – for reopening state economies.

Trump hasn’t issued a national stay-at-home order, and a few Republican governors are still clinging to his terrible cues. Like South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, who refused…and now a meatpacking plant in Sioux Falls has become a massive coronavirus hotbed.

The virus is spreading like wildfire, without the needed medical supplies or robust testing capabilities nationwide. Our governors must remember that public health, not the financial health of Trump’s golf courses, are the priority.

Sign to tell state governors that advice from health experts – not Trump – is the only recommendation they should follow.


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