Tell the press to call out Trump’s enablers on their lies about the pandemic. Don’t let them rewrite history!

White House adviser Peter Navarro went on CNN recently and claimed that most of the medical community assumed COVID-19 would disappear during the summer months due to heat and humidity (and then said “China” a bunch of times without answering questions).

First of all, claiming a consensus in the medical community that this virus would magically die off in warm weather is a clear lie that needs to be immediately called out by CNN. But this doesn’t solve the bigger issue: our media continues to provide a platform to Trump’s misinformation machine in live interviews that cannot always be fact-checked on the spot. 

Tell our press to correct lies from Trump cronies during and following live interviews. False information should not be treated as a political argument.

If news organizations insist on interviewing Trump’s team, presenters should be prepared to immediately refute any false information – and, news orgs should present a fact-checking segment to accompany any interview whose presenter doesn’t catch every lie.

Trump’s enablers have helped this virus kill over 130,000 Americans. And right now, our media is helping them by airing their propaganda without fact-checking.

Sign here to tell our news organizations to call out Trump’s enablers on their lies about the pandemic, and provide fact-checking following every interview. Stop them from rewriting history!


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