Demand Trump accept responsibility for his OWN failure to act sooner and save lives!

On at least five separate occasions in January, Donald Trump was briefed about an oncoming pandemic that threatened to take hundreds of thousands of American lives, upend U.S society, and tank the global economy.

In other words, he knew better than anyone that it was coming. And yet, while countries like Germany, New Zealand, and South Korea were preparing for the outbreak by stocking up on vital medical supplies and instituting lifesaving social distancing practices, all Trump did was implement a partial travel ban to block the arrival of a disease that was already here — a ban many experts believe made things worse.

Just how much impact did Trump’s failure have on the catastrophic loss of life in America’s current nightmare? We now have some insight.

A study of the data by Columbia University shows that, had Trump taken similar action to competent leaders of other countries, just one week earlier, 36,000 American lives would have been saved. Two weeks would have saved more than 65,000. And that’s just of those who died before the study on May 3, not including the lives that continue to be lost every day throughout the nation.

And yet Trump calls his response a victory. What a disgrace.

We cannot allow this to continue. Add your name to demand Trump accept responsibility for his failure to act sooner and save lives!


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