Tell Trump to STOP promoting false cures. They’re killing people!

In the Middle Ages, there were barbers performing bloodlettings to ease the humors. Then, con artists traveled America selling snake oil as miracle cures for whatever ailed you. Now, President Trump is suggesting doctors inject coronavirus patients’ lungs with disinfectant.

This isn’t the first ludicrous and untested “cure” that Trump has spouted, only to be rejected by his own health administrators the second he steps off the podium. But given that half the country considers him an authority, and right-wing media banks millions on promoting his agenda, his words carry weight…no matter how stupid or dangerous.

Sign your name to tell Trump to STOP promoting false coronavirus cures that have not been thoroughly tested by health experts.

Previously, Trump promoted chloroquine phosphate with no evidence, and an Arizona man died following that advice.

Then, Trump pushed hydroxychloroquine against the advice of his own health officials – who he then fired for speaking out. This drug showed increased mortality rates after testing.

Trump wants to play dress up as Smart Doctorman, and people are losing their lives because of his funtime games.

Add your name to demand Trump stops promoting untested coronavirus cures that health experts haven’t approved.


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