Fire Susan Collins

Susan Collins is McConnell’s FAVORITE Republican!

For years, she’s convinced the American people that she’s a moderate, but nothing could be further from the truth. 

  • She saved Donald Trump from Impeachment; 
  • She made sure Brett Kavanaugh got on the Supreme Court; 
  • And she DEFENDS Donald Trump and every Twist-and-Turn!!!

That’s why McConnell LOVES her – she works for his Far-Right Republican Billionaires, not the people of Maine. 

BUT BUT BUT: Democrat Sara Gideon has a sight lead in a brand new poll over Susan!

Yes, it’s true – Susan Collins could ACTUALLY lose in Maine. Democrats would take back the Senate. MCCONNELL WOULD CRY. 

So we’re coming directly to you: Sign the Official Occupy Democrats Petition to FIRE Susan Collins, flip Maine Blue, and Take Back the Senate!


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