Demand Fox News report the truth and stop running cover for Trump

The problem with Fox News spewing baseless platitudes at Trump’s base all day is that there’s no one to present facts to push back against them. Which is why Sean Hannity seemed woefully unprepared when the Shark Tank star, Mark Cuban, recently debunked his talking points on air. 

Hannity claimed that Obama had a higher deficit than every one of his predecessors, without acknowledging that Trump’s deficit is even higher. When pressed, Hannity blamed the pandemic, without acknowledging we’re here due to Trump’s inaction and misinformation machine…which Hannity is part of.

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And then there’s Hannity’s decade-old attacks on the Affordable Care Act, during a global pandemic. The majority of American people support the ACA and it’s more popular than it’s ever been. But when asked point blank what voters say with regard to the ACA, Hannity floundered. 

Hannity and the roster of Fox News hosts don’t care about facts. They follow the Trump playbook of lying so much that hopefully, the truth will be unrecognizable. Which is absurdly dangerous. They must be held accountable.

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