Tell Trump’s GOP enablers to STOP contradicting experts with lies that are killing people!

Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-1) is a belligerent and vocal anti-masker, putting himself, his staff, and his fellow Members of Congress at daily risk. Zero surprise, he has tested positive for COVID-19.

But instead of owning up to his anti-science propaganda, Gohmert got on television and claimed he caught the virus BECAUSE he was wearing a mask. And now thousands of people who have bought into the GOP’s deadly attack on public health have more misinformation about the best possible way to keep themselves and others safe…all because Gohmert wanted to save face about his own stupidity.

Add your name to tell GOP leadership to cut their deadly lies about the pandemic, which contradict what even Trump’s own public health experts recommend.

We will be in this pandemic for as long as the most uninformed people decide we will be. Anti-maskers, conspiracy theorists, greedy corporate leaders, and people who are actually just fine with hundreds of thousands of people dying unnecessarily as long as their personal comforts are prioritized will continue to spread the virus.

By lying about his mask, Gohmert will assuredly directly cause more people to die. And it was so preventable…just tell the truth.

Sign here to tell GOP enablers to stop lying and contradicting our public health experts and scientists on COVID facts.


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