Demand Trump retract his promise of a national outbreak website after Google exposed his lie

On March 13, President Trump held a press conference where he touted the release of a nationwide coronavirus screening website that had been created by Google.

The only problem is the whole thing was a lie.

It’s true that Verily, a Google sister company under the same Alphabet umbrella, is “developing a tool to help triage individuals for Covid-19 testing,” but the site is in the “very early stages” and limited to the San Francisco Bay Area — not close to nationwide.

These types of lies are designed to make it look like Trump is doing more than he is, as if he was taking the health of the nation seriously, when the truth is he is only concerned about his personal political and financial future.

And that degree of disinformation from the top can cause Americans to pursue bogus answers to serious questions and cost lives. We cannot afford to let the lies continue.

Please add your name to demand Trump retract his promise of Google’s national outbreak website. It’s a dangerous lie!


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