Demand Trump stop withholding lifesaving aid to states because of his petty grudges against governors!

Here are some facts. If hospitals don’t have the protective gear and lifesaving equipment they need to treat coronavirus patients, Americans will die preventable deaths en masse. One person on the planet has the power to deliver these resources and save lives: Donald Trump.

He refuses.

Faced with the chance to save the lives of people he ostensibly leads — many who voted for him even — Trump has chosen to let his own petty grudges dictate his actions. As a result, he’s letting people die.

Michigan’s Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who had been subjected to repeated angry tirades from Trump, revealed on March 27 that her state’s shipments of personal protective equipment have been “canceled” or “delayed” and that “Michigan is not alone.”

For his part, Trump acknowledged that for states to get aid, “[governors] have to treat us well.”

Even for the sociopathic narcissist in the White House, this is shockingly inhumane. The president is holding his own citizens hostage to force their governors to be nicer to him.

It has to stop. People are dying, and we cannot afford to wait one more second. Add your name to demand Trump stop withholding lifesaving aid from states because of his petty grudges against governors!


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