Hold Trump accountable for rampant illegal activity at the RNC

Political campaigns have clear laws barring tax-payer money from being spent on the campaign trail, and regulating who can actually do the campaigning.

Given that Trump has been holding hour-long “press conferences” at the White House that are barely more than raving rallies and often don’t leave more than a few minutes for questions from the press, we’ve had warning that Trump holds scorn for the Hatch Act. 

But Trump and the Republican National Convention officially threw the rule book out, holding RNC events from the White House grounds, during tax-funded diplomatic missions abroad, and including speeches by executive branch employees who are barred from political activity.

Trump knows that this is all illegal, but thinks he’ll get away without punishment, just like he escaped removal from office by a handful of votes after his impeachment. Prove him wrong: pledge to vote Trump out and make him regret illegally abusing public resources for personal political gain.

Add your name to pledge your vote for Joe Biden to vote out Trump. Trump’s cronies in office may not hold him accountable to the law – but the voters will this November.


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