Tell Republicans in Congress: Send relief funds to healthcare and SMALL businesses – not giant corporations!

Republicans in Congress bent over backwards to give massive corporations half-a-trillion dollars in no-strings-attached-no-oversight coronavirus bailout funding…meaning half-a-trillion dollars that may go straight to executive bonuses even as they lay off half their employees.

Meanwhile, hospitals and small businesses are scraping the bottom of the barrell for significantly less funding. Democrats had to fight tooth-and-nail for $75 billion of funding for hospitals in a recent coronavirus bill… out of $3 trillion and counting, which doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of what they actually need.

Add your name to tell Republicans to fund hospitals and small businesses – NOT massive corporations

And small businesses? Well, actual small businesses were locked out of available funding while other “small businesses” like national chains Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and Shake Shack drained millions from the funding. Family-owned, local “mom and pop” businesses already struggle against big companies during regular times. But more to the point: there wasn’t enough small-business funding to begin with.

Republicans need to stop acting like this crisis can go away by downplaying and denying. It’s time to fund hospitals and small businesses properly to see them through.

Tell Republicans that hospitals and small businesses deserve emergency funding over corporations.


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