Tell the Senate: Don’t let Trump & McConnell exploit the pandemic to ram through more unqualified, right wing judges!

Before there was a coronavirus crisis, there was a judge crisis. President Trump and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell spent three years cynically trying to rebuild the judiciary into one that prioritize corporations over individuals, wealth over justice, and conservative political victories over the law.

And they have done it by forcing through lifetime judicial appointments of people with little more than the qualifications of a right wing blogger.

It’s bad enough that they would make our judicial system into a laughing stock in order to advance their neocon agenda, but under the shadow of a pandemic, things are threatening to get even worse.

Trump is now threatening to adjourn the Senate under emergency circumstances — a dubious, never before used power — so that he can circumvent America’s system of checks and balances and turn our government into a dictatorship.

This is absolutely unacceptable and must be stopped. Add your name to demand the Senate reject Trump & McConnell’s un-American power grab and stop the onslaught of radical, unqualified judges!


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