Demand Republicans condemn Trump’s disgusting lie about the 75 year-old man assaulted by police!

In the midst of national protests against police brutality toward Black people, we watched in horror as Buffalo cops pushed a 75-year-old man to the ground, cracking his skull and bleeding onto the pavement as law enforcement walked on.

But not wanting to let his precious cops look bad, Trump tweeted that the victim, Martin Gugino, was an “ANTIFA provocateur” attempting to “scan police communications.” Completely unfounded accusations, of course.

Add your name to demand Congressional Republicans speak out and condemn Trump’s nasty lie about Martin Gugino, who was peacefully protesting against police brutality.

Martin Gugino is, in fact, an advocate for progressive values and regular peaceful protester. He’s a known face at climate change rallies and has fought for the closing of Guantanamo Bay.

But say none of that were true. Say he was a crabby, apolitical man who hated dogs. Trump’s tweet would STILL be a dangerous accusation to throw at any American citizen, to personally discredit a civilian from the White House, to create a target for his rabid base to hunt down an attack worse than the cops have already attacked him.

Absolutely despicable.

Sign here to demand Republicans do the obvious right thing and condemn Trump’s unfounded, dangerous lie about Martin Gugino.


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