Tell Trump & Pence to stop undermining their own experts. WEAR THE MASK!

Trump’s own experts have told us: wear a face mask in public to slow the spread of COVID-19. It’s a pretty basic rule, and an essential one, given that we know many people can carry and transmit the virus without showing symptoms.

But Trump’s personal vanity and desperation to downplay this pandemic is infinitely stronger than any interest in keeping others safe. Which is why he has so far refused to wear a face mask himself, including while on a tour of a face mask factory.

Add your name to demand Trump and Pence follow their own recommendations and wear a face mask on public tours.

Vice President Mike Pence actually managed to one-up Trump, refusing to wear a facemask during a tour of the Mayo Clinic. A medical center. With patients. While greeting patients.

The hubris of these two men in the face of a global pandemic, which has killed more Americans than the entirety of the Vietnam War and tanked our economy to unprecedented lows, is disgusting and lethal.

The bare minimum they should do for us is wear a mask in public.

Tell Trump and Pence to follow their OWN GUIDELINES and wear a face mask while engaging with the public. Nobody is above COVID-19.


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