Demand Trump stop making excuses and establish a nationwide coronavirus testing system!

On March 6, President Trump declared, “anybody that wants a test can get a test.” That was a lie.

The truth is that the Trump regime’s refusal to plan and implement testing is a huge reason that the United States quickly became the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, while South Korea (which had its first coronavirus case on January 19, the same day as the U.S.) quickly contained it by testing 85 times more people in the first six weeks than the United States despite having fewer than a sixth of the population.

That means that in the crucial early days of the virus’s spread, per capita, South Korea facilitated more than 500 times as many tests as the United States.

While the testing situation has improved since then, the United States is STILL not testing even half the people per capita as South Korea and, under Trump’s “leadership,” is not doing what is necessary to understand the severity of the pandemic and what it will take to reopen our communities.

It’s a point that should be obvious. But not to Donald Trump who recently told the White House press corps that a nationwide testing system was not necessary to reopening our shuttered communities.

We cannot respond to a pandemic we don’t understand! Add your name to demand Trump institute a nationwide testing system immediately so that we can understand the pandemic, contain it, and safely reopen our society!


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