Challenge Trump to either produce SOME evidence or admit that “Obamagate” is A LIE!

On Mother’s Day 2020, with a pandemic wreaking havoc on our nation, having claimed 80,000 lives as a result of the Trump administration’s failure (or refusal) to respond to the threats it had been warned about, President Trump spent the day furiously tweeting vague conspiracies about President Obama.

To Trump failed to put forward evidence doesn’t begin to describe how poorly thought out these attacks were. Trump failed to even say what it was he was accusing his predecessor of doing.

The next day, when the Washington Post’s Philip Rucker asked what crime he was accusing Obama of, Trump replied simply “Obamagate.”

Pressed again, Trump responded “You know what the crime is.”

The truth could not be clearer. Rather than try to improve this crisis, Trump is responding the only way he knows how: distract by defaming someone else, by inventing a new scandal to take our eyes off his crimes.

America is facing the worst crisis in most of our lifetimes, and we don’t have time for Trump’s pathetic scapegoating. It’s time to call him out.

Challenge Trump to produce some evidence against Obama or shut up about this obvious lie!


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