Urge Obama to regularly address the nation after he inspires 2020 graduates. We need leadership!

With America’s graduates locked in for the moment they’ve been waiting for most of their lives, they turned to a figure who could bring them hope country in this dark time: President Barack Obama.

While Obama was clearly the right person to deliver a national commencement address to inspire the youngest generation of adults, it was a sad acknowledgment that the current president is so clearly beneath the task that should have fallen to his office.

But that is where we are as a nation, and it comes at a time when our nation desperately needs leadership. We have been able to rise above our nation’s darkest times thanks to the leadership of President Lincoln during the Civil War, FDR during the Depression and WWII, and more.

The current occupant of the Oval Office has neither the desire nor capacity to provide America the leadership we need. But Obama does.

Add your name to urge Obama to continue addressing the nation to provide the hope we need in this dark time.


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